Mixing Protein Powder and Huel becomes... Weird?

I started using huel about two weeks ago, replacing some of my meals, in particular breakfast and 1am post work snack after my part time. Gradually, I’ve come to use it more and more as exams are coming up (I’m in uni). I enjoy the taste, preferring the unflavoured one but vanilla is fine too. I also drink ON protein supplement for post-workout.

Now, the other day I came back from a late training session at 9:30, and thought to myself, hey, why not just put my portion of huel and portion of protein together, and I can drink it all at once? They taste fine on their own. So I tried with the vanilla one.

I had to pour it down the sink. It was repulsive, undrinkable. They both taste fine on their own but when mixed it turned into some kind of horrendous creation from Hades himself.

Are my taste buds cancerous or has someone had a similar experience, or an explanation why? I just can’t understand why they don’t go together.

FYI used vanilla huel and double chocolate ON.

(Also, I don’t drink huel to lose weight; rather, I’m at the opposite end when it comes to issues with weight loss. How much would I need to consume daily in scoops to ensure no weight loss, being an active person around 60kg, 173cm? Would appreciate if anyone knows the numbers.)

Hades is a trickster, so he could have done anything to it. But I’m not sure why it tasted so bad. Was it the taste or more the texture? Was it too sweet? Very strange, as lots of people add protein powder to their Huel and I’ve never heard of this.

If you want to work out your calorie levels, it’s best to use this website:


I worked out that assuming you’re 20 and you do a fair amount of exercise a week (3-5 times) that you need 2,459 to not lose weight, but it’s best to do it yourself to make sure!

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I regularly add protein powder to my shakes on training days, but I’m only using unflavored whey protein so it just adds a creaminess to them, I’ve never tried flavored protein powder.

I add extra pea protein to mine and it’s OK. Suggest adding cinnamon and/or ginger. Bonus stuff in both of those too.

If your protein powder is chocolate, try chocolate or unflavoured Huel with it maybe?

You’ll find most people get there by experimentation. I’m still on the hunt for a good savoury option :wink:

I add a scoop of unflavoured whey isolate to my huel, and find it actually improves the consistency, it makes it a little smoother. The taste is almost unchanged. Hope that helps!

I add white chocolate flavour protein powder to my Huel for a post-workout snack.

I do the same with ON Strawberry. Tastes great.

May be the ON Choc flavourings are causing the clash.