Would you consider a 'High Protein' version?

I’ve been using Huel on-and-off for the past six months or so and think it’s great. As someone who can work around a 9-10 hour day, plus commuting and then hitting the gym afterwards, Huel is an absolute godsend for sheer convenience alone. I’m happy to brush aside questioning looks from colleagues for the efficiency and nutrition this brings to my active lifestyle; I was waiting for something like this for a long time…little did I know the answer was right here!

Currently I’m at about 70% in terms of overall diet; with a shake every 3-4 hours throughout the day starting at 06:00 all the way through to dinner (actual food, with my partner). I currently mix in three scoops of Huel with one scoop of Optimum Nutrition protein powder to increase my protein intake to around 45-50g per serving. As a result, I need to keep a tub of the ON and a bag of Huel both under my desk at work, and my kitchen at home, and pre-mix shakes for those post-gym cravings (when protein absorption levels spike).

Given that a large number of posters on here either seem to use Huel for athletic reasons, or have posted about mixing protein powders into their Huel; would you consider offering a high(er)-protein version of the product itself? No more having to double-up on powders, no more manual blending, and 100% of the revenue to yourselves.

Several powder brands offer Lean (low-cal), Regular (med-cal) and Mass (high-cal) versions of their protein supplements to better suit their fitness goals, and I’ve seen topics on here asking for a low-cal version of Huel as well. I would love to cut ON out completely and have one bag for everything.

Anyway, keep up the good work Julian & the Huel Team!



Hi there

We are looking into the demand for a lower carb, higher protein version of Huel.


I’m doing it myself. I got a whey protein bag and I’m adding 25g of protein per meal (of 3 per day). Just remember that proteins have energy, so you should reduce the amount of huel powder in your mix, so you don’t get exceed the calorie intake you are targeting for.

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What about a higher carb version? It seems the carbs are a little low, especially compared to how much protein is in there…

Gets my thumbs up. I’m having 4 scoops per shake 3 times a day (which I believe is around 50g of protein in all?), which works fine for me, but still have to supplement with protein when training hard.

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I’m fine with the carb content - just more protein pls.

I am aware it’s been a while but has there been any progress on this one?

Hi there

Thanks for your interest, but it’s not something on our current plans; I’m afraid.

May I ask out of curiosity what your reasoning for wanting more protein is?

A few months back I recommended Huel to a couple of friends. Both of them are very active and are trying to lose fat and drop it to ~10%. Both of them consulted nutritionists and were told to follow a 30-30-40 macro diet, meaning they had to add protein powder whenever they were taking Huel (at least after their workouts, i.e. once a day).

My personal trainer also recommended something similar, even though he does not seem to be as strict as the nutritionists my friends consulted. 40% protein does seem a bit difficult to achieve and I am not sure why both recommended that number. Feel free to comment if you’re an expert. I guess a simplistic calculation solely based on calories might not be enough for their goals. Where the calories come from matters I suppose.

I simply searched the forum as I was sure somebody would have asked something similar in the past and I stumbled upon this thread. I was simply curious to see if there were plans to release a high protein version of Huel in the future, that’s it.

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Yeah not having a go at all, just curious. Just sounded like we were heading back into the land of bro science.

I’ve hit around 12% BF solely on Huel, the point where I could see where my pectoral muscle attaching to the bone of my chest, individual strands in my delts etc.

I mean I get the point of a high protein diet being beneficial for maintaining lean mass while cutting, but the typical recommendation of 200g+ has always perplexed me unless at elite level or on the juice.

However, I get what you’re saying if the subject is consuming less than 2000 calories of Huel. I’ve always found myself topping up my shake with whey when eating such a little amount or protein drops below 140g.

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haha! I do agree that 200g+ protein is a bit much but it’s achievable even without a protein supplement. Huel already provides for a lot of protein. I used to take around 4000 calories/day and I was never getting 40% protein. When I dropped the calories by approximately 500 and aimed at 40% by adding some protein powder here and there in my Huel shake I managed to drop from ~14% to ~12% body fat fairly easily. But I changed two things, not just my protein percentage.

Thanks for the input all. I now want to know what’s the reasoning behind a 30-30-40 diet. I will find out :slight_smile:

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I add protein powder to Huel on days I feel it being needed. For the average joe, I think Huel has much protein and wouldnt want it to be higher. Its not aimed at bodybuilders I guess

I wouldnt mind a version w more protein preferably low carb (even ketogenic) I’d even buy it myself.