Huel Black Edition could be great!

I cancelled my subscription some time ago, when I switched to a vegan keto diet.When I found out about the new Black Edition, I was very happy and ordered a few bags since it can be used (in small quantities) by people on keto / LCHF. The only things I would change to make it truly great for those concerned with sugar and carbohydrates would be to see the next version closer to 10g of carbs per serving (if you could eliminate sugar we would already get 17g - 4.4g = 12.6g), no tapioca starch, and no maltodextrin. If it is about having a version without artificial sweeteners, I would suggest you add sugar etc. to the original Huel, as its users are not really concerned about carbs. Could this be done @JamesCollier?

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Hi @triquetra011

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

If we removed the small amount of sugar from Black, it would taste awful! The maltodextrin amount is minute and is there solely as a carrier. The tapioca is for carbs as Black hasn’t been designed as a keto product. Moreover, the protein amount is too high for a true keto diet. Like you say, a moderate amount of Black could be part of a keto diet, but this would be if one exercises frequently.

The absence of artificial sweeteners is there purely to give those who don’t want to consume them a choice. If we were to add sugar to regular Huel Powder, we’d need a lot, this would also mean reducing the nutritious oats.


There’s also this…

Huel Black Edition can be tweaked to be suitable for a ketogenic diet. Blending 50g of Huel Black Edition and 50g of dessicated coconut creates a meal where 70% of the calories are provided by fat, 18% by protein and 12% by carbs. This 555kcal meal contains only 6g of available carbs.

I was quite impressed to read how easily Black is made properly keto.


Hmm, I’ve been coming to the view that Black isn’t really for a ketogenic diet. It’s high protein rather than low carbohydrate, and it’s too high protein for keto – even Huel White is, really. Black seems to be to appeal more to the high protein crowd – bodybuilders and part-timers whose non-Huel diet is low protein vegan or low protein snacking.

The simplest answer for a keto Black seems to me to be for Huel to sell a micronutrient blend ‘top-up’ powder, and for keto fans to add it to the Black + desiccated coconut hack idea.

Otherwise you really need a whole new product. And gods no, let’s not see them add sugar to White. Never ever. You can get a version without artificial sweeteners via White U&U + any natural sweetener you like.


Oh, I concur – no sugar would be best in case of both black and white.

Sorry I missed this Simon. You’re right that Huel Black Edition isn’t suitable for most ketogenic diets. You could have one meal a day but you would have to adjust the rest of your diet to ensure you stay in ketosis.

However, we have developed a hack which produces a ketogenic Huel meal which only needs 50g of Black Edition and 50g of desiccated coconut. You can find it under hack 3 here.

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Please no sugar, no sugar, no sugar!