1000 meal mark, 50 bags since september. Huel is great

So I went to the main Huel site and received the notification that I crossed the 1000 meal mark.

That got me thinking on how good Huel is and how is it possible that it is not more popular. I’ve been using it since 2016 and since about september almost exclusively, purchasing 50 bags since then.

And yeah, it’s great, and I’m in my best physical state ever and almost 30 now. I also changed in my last order to Huel Black, since I prefer less carbs. Did a blood test recently and came perfect too. Subjective feel on par with the best quality foods (simple low processed vegetables, fish, meat).

So yeah, not sure why more people don’t do this. I’ve basically never cook, once or twice a week I may eat out with friends or eat with family, trying to go as healthy as possible too.


If you never cook and you changed your last order to Huel Black, does that mean you’re planning to be on 100% Black? Isn’t that wayyyy too much protein? Or are you doing a White-Black mix?

Thrilled to hear about your blood test. I’ve been on (almost) 100% White for a while now and anticipate amazing health checkup/blood test results soon. I hear you on the subjective feel part too. I feel much better with a Huel diet than regular food diet even though I admit the latter is way tastier & I can’t resist the temptation to eat out sometimes.

100% on Black, yes. It is a lot more protein that you would need for muscle and other functions, but there’s no harm in eating more. The body will process it for energy instead. Black also has a decent amount of fats.

You don’t really need carbs at all, unless you have very high energy requirements, think maybe 4000+kcal a day or so, where processing protein and fats can start to be an issue.

If you are used to high carb diets you body will need to adapt though, same if you go from eating 3-5 times a day to just once. Takes about two weeks to adapt. I was already doing low carb before eating so much huel, plus been eating once a day for the last 5 years or so.


I’ve heard a couple of pods recently saying that they believe we need more than the RDA levels of protein - especially as we get older. More like 1g per lb of body weight than the current 0.6g. (American researchers hence silly mix of units). And that that may be quite difficult for vegetarians and vegans, so Huel may be really useful if that turns out to be the case.

I’m doing closer to 1.5g/lbs and it has been working extremely well for me.