Switch to black advise?

Hello I need some help or advice on whether I should switch to black from white.

I generally have white huel most lunchtimes and occasionally at breakfast aswell, the days I do not tend to have it as breakfast I tend to have porridge.

I am tall and work out a lot 4-5 times a week mostly kettlebells , running and rowing.

I did wonder whether the black would be a more beneficial split for me, I appreciate there is less carbs but my thinking is with porridge and probably my dinner I get enough anyway and the extra protein will aid towards my KB training.

Which also comes on to another thing, I find the white often doesn’t always seem to satisfy me lately and I often top it up with peanut butter or have 2½ scoops. Would black me more likely to make me feel full longer?

Another reason although the least of the problems is whilst I am a sweet tooth and I practically eat anything I find some of the articifial sweet flavours in white quite sickly. The salted caramel and the flavour boosts especially.

So any advice? Does black sound like something I should give a go? Ideally I would switch my sub and mix and match but you cannot

Thanks in advanced

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Black Edition is sweeter, but if you order unflavoured/unsweetened and add something yourself you can get all kinds of flavours, even non-sweet ones. There are a lot of threads here where people write what they add - just use the search function of the forum.

Whether more proteins and less carbs give you any health benefits is a topic that is still not resolved. There is conflicting evidence for/against low(er) carb diets.

Maybe it would be best to just try it out and see what works better for you.

Hey Richard, nice to see you on the forum again!

With the amount of exercise you do and having porridge for breakfast (which is typically quite low in protein) Black Edition could work for you. A lot of people find having more protein in their diet helps with satiety and also if you have your Huel over longer period of time that can help too.

If you’re finding your Huel quite sickly you could do what I do and mix unflavoured and unsweetened with your favourite flavour.

If you DM me with your latest order number I think I can help you out with your mix and match issue,

It’s a complicated question to give a simple answer too. It depends on your goal.

I upped my training intensity a couple of ears ago and did a lot of reading about nutrition and activity. The results I ended up with was White UU had the perfect balance between protein, fat and carbs for my training days, and Black for rest days (when I wanted to reduce my calorie intake to match my reduced activity, but keep protein intake high to aid recovery).

I’ve been doing that for a while now, and just balance my intake depending on if I am trying to run a deficit or excess; I weight myself every day, but only pay attention to the weekly trend.

Why don’t you try both and see which makes you feel better? Would be the easiest solution to answer your question.

I would agree with you on this one!!

As you are already on white then trying out 1 bag of Black on your next order, whilst still having some white just incase, would be worth a try.
All in all both White and Black powders have 400kcal so if you have any particular weight loss/gain goal, for example, then it doesn’t matter too much.

I have been a Black Edition devotee from the beginning but I recently tried out white to compare I can say from personal experiences that I’ve not noticed any unwanted changes, in relation to my fitness/health goals.

As you say yes the fewer carbs can give you a little more room to play with. I personally find this great because I like to make smoothies with mine so any additional fruit brings it up to white carb levels roughly, so not to add more on top!

For sure! In my experience that is. I feel the same level of fullness from both powders however, in comparison to white, Black definitely has a longer-lasting satiation. So only after 4 hours is when I start to feel peckish again.

Hmmm interesting! I’ve only have Berry and UU so far though not found Berry sickening. You may have had too much of a good thing?? I assume you’ve been with Huel for a couple of years?

Absolutely!! There’s nothing to lose. I’d recommend Vanilla and/or Banana as these are relatively neutral flavours. Though if you’re a sweet tooth then I guess Salted Caramel is what you’d likely go for :grin: :fire: :ok_hand:t2:

Hope this helps you out and let us know if you go ahead with ordering a bag or two of black! :v:t2: