Black vs White editions

Hi there,

With the new release of Huel Black edition, I was wondering what is the purpose of it?

I know that a healthy diet must have the right proportion of all 3 basic macronutrients (protein, fat, and carbs), so I’d like to know when are we supposed to use Huel Black Edition?

Will it be a great idea to use it after (or before) a long workout? Will it help to recover from an intense muscle training session (i.e. weight gain programs)? Or it’s more indicated for cardio/fat loss sessions?

I’d like to hear the thoughts from fitness/nutrition experts on when is the right time to drink Black Huel (instead of White one).


I’ve been thinking about this. Regular Huel was designed to provide your recommended macro split, if you eat it as 100% of your diet. But few people do that. I, for example, use Huel for close to 100% of my diet, but some days my nutrition is 50% Huel and 50% beer and crisps. For those days where half of my diet is very carb-heavy, it might be good to swap my regular Huel for low-carb Huel.

I would like to hear from someone who isn’t a crisp-addled idiot though.

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Thanks David!

In my case, “unhealthy” food is high in protein and unhealthy fats (i.e. I eat some burgers, pizzas, etc.).

I also thought occidental diet was overall very high in protein, but your argument can make sense for some people who drink a lot of beers and eat a lot of crisps :slight_smile:

Let’s see what others think about it.

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I intend to use Huel black in conjunction with Huel white. Usually Huel white is my staple breakfast and lunch with my other meals being protein shakes, pub meals, soups, alcohol. (I am not a vegan or vegetarian and so I still consume meat in my diet albeit in a reduced amount). On the days I weightlift I tend to mix UU with protein powder. I can use Huel black on these days; similarly I can use Huel post squash matches and post cycle training. I can also use it as a carb light meal in my everyday diet.

Huel is a complete meal in powdered form. My take on Hiel black is like having a variation on a complete meal. For example I love Shepards Pie. Some days I can make it with more lamb or leaner lamb and less potato. It’s still a Shepards pie but the deficiency can be made.up with an increase in another realtor example bread and a low.protein soup. Same with Huel especially jen considering the RTD and bars used in conjunction.

Everyone is an individual and so individual requirements differ and so does balanced nutrition for everyone when considered in this individual basis. I applogise for the verbosity of this post.

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I would use Huel Black if my day is very carb heavy. Its protein content is insanely high so on a normal day, it wouldn’t replace my breakfast or lunch like normal Huel does. Though, in the very rare case I eat only crisps, it is a good backup.

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The right proportion of macronutrients can vary from person to person. Huel Black Edition offers flexibility for those who prefer a lower carb diet.

Most people are not having Huel for 100% of their diet so depending on what else is eaten and your exercise regime one may suit you more than the other.


So help me understand… So for a Jo bloggs like me, would I be best to stick to white? I have tried both white and black and both are delicious. The only difference to me is the £5 more for 2 bags of black. Is it just a personal preference or flavour thing?

Yeap it’s personal preference, so if cost is your main driver go for v3.0 (white)!

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Thank you!

Not an expert, but a couple of years ago when I upped my training intensity I did a load of reading on sports nutrition.

I use Huel White (UU) for training days and Black (UU) for rest days.

This sounds a bit counter intuitive so let me explain.

On training days I need to hit about 2800-3100 kcal.
On rest days more like 1800 kcal.

So on rest days my target protein intake remains the same, my fat target is a little higher (to aid repair), but my overall calories are much lower. Black helps me hit my macros within my calorie cap.

Hopefully this make sense.


It does. Thank you!

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