Huel Black Edition - How do you use it?

Hi, trying to go totally vegan with a more active lifestyle ie weights, exercise etc, but am a little confused how to use Huel Black Edition (I currently have Huel White, Huel H&S and a meal per day). From the website it would suggest that you only consume Huel Black ie no other food at all, by having 5 portions per day (=2000kcal).

I am looking to lose 1lb a week in weight. Am I right to have 5 portions and no food per day? What does everyone else do?


There is no rule. Use it as and when, whatever suits your regime. Most don’t use it every meal.

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All Huel products are simply food. You can have one portion a day, 3 a day, 2 a week, it’s entirely upto you. Huel isn’t part of a programme of food you have to stick to.

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I have white for breakfast and black for lunch, just to increase my protein intake in hope of gaining – or at least keeping – a bit of muscle. Sometimes I make kind of a chocolate pudding with black chocolate, it’s not delicious but it’s ok and it’s 30 g of protein.

I like the taste of white a lot better than black though.