Newbie question

Hi guys,
Completely newbie here and I’m intrigued by this product, but can I use the shakes etc as a complete meal replacement, so Breakfast lunch and Dinner or do I still need an additional meal?

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Depends on how many a day you have of them Alex - 2000kcal of Huel shakes a day are considered as nutritionally complete. So you could have regular 5 drinks day of only Huel and nothing else or less and other foods to make up the difference. it’s flexible enough for you to decide on your own diet plan.

It’s individual. When I have Huel for breakfast, lunch or dinner, I have nothing else because I feel full enough. If you don’t, you can always have some more.

It’s worth putting your height, age, weight etc details into a TDEE calculator like this one and your approximate activity levels to work out what your calorie requirements are initially.

If you want to stay the same weight just work out how many Huels you need to reach it. If you wish to lose weight then deduct 500 calories from the total and you should lose on average about a pound a week. Conversely if you want to gain weight then eat more of it.

If using to gain weight I strongly recommend weightlifting training a few days a week as well.

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