Ketogenic Diet Article

We’ve released an article on the ketogenic diet where I think we have covered almost everything from epilepsy to athletic performance. You can read it here.


Super long winded research into the negative impacts on bone health on athletes when using a ketogenic diet

It’s a really interesting paper. Would be good to extend this over a longer time frame and in the general population too.

Huel Black Edition can be tweaked to be suitable for a ketogenic diet. Blending 50g of Huel Black Edition and 50g of dessicated coconut creates a meal where 70% of the calories are provided by fat, 18% by protein and 12% by carbs. This 555kcal meal contains only 6g of available carbs.

Curious here, was that planned when HB was formulated or is was it discovered as a reply to those asking why HB wasn’t truly keto?

Smart either way. A lot just wanted low carb Huel, but delivering a low carb Huel that can also go full keto by adding one extra ingredient is very clever.

They sort of concluded with that same suggestion – my concern would be that Keto is currently big business and I doubt there would be much impetus or funding to extend research like this that could potentially take the shine off of that business or even bring it down altogether. Certainly not from the private sector at least.

it doesn’t take all that much to switch off fickle consumers especially in the faddish diet market.

To be honest no! We started playing round with the macros to provide a suitable ketogenic recipe and it turned out really well with a 50/50 split.

I get where you are coming from but those sorts of companies will just switch to the next fad. There is some really exciting research around the therapeutic benefits of keto so the funding won’t stop even when the public moves onto something else.

We will have an Instagram Q&A video up soon on the keto diet so hopefully, that helps people out.