Day 3 of Huel

I dived straight in with 100% Huel 3 times a day the goal being weight loss. The only problem is I’ve had increasingly bad diarrhea. I’m kind of stubborn though and am impressed I don’t feel much hunger on Huel despite a big calorie deficit (I do have over 10 stone to lose) so intend to persist with it for a while. I read on the forum that it’s best to ease into Huel not jump in like I did at 100% but I wonder if I’ll get used to it if I give it time. Will post again to let the forum know.


To jump in 100% huel is a bold move but will without doubt get results if you stick to it and don’t cheat.

Having been on huel for over 4 months now it fits in around me. Some days I have just one, others two, rarely three.

Your body will adjust so hopefully won’t trouble you for long.


Yep diving in 100% is something we actively don’t recommend. Your body probably will adjust but whether you can handle the diarrhoea you’re experiencing is a different question.

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Marigold gloves and a shovel is the best way.


I might be speaking too soon but no diarrhea with my last shake 5 hours ago. No flatulence either. Fingers crossed this continues.

You’ll need to get one of these then:

Lol funny chap. They were definitely squelchers!

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your body will adjust but as others have said, a bold move to go to 100% straight off! I had problems just going to Huel for breakfast and lunch every day, thank fully they only lasted about 2 weeks and since then I’ve had no issues. Good luck!

Advise is to start with one meal a day, but I soon had two myself.
Depending on what you can deal with, start with 1 or 2 a day.
Gradually build up, I’m having barely anything but Huel and no problems.
I really recommend not stressing your body too much right from the start.

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My bowels appear to have stopped complaining. I was hungrier today but I guess I was always going to get hungry running a 1400 kcal deficit a day (also consuming 1400 kcals a day). I can do this. Don’t know if I’ll stick to 100% Huel forever but it’s one way to start out. Let’s see what sort of results it gets.

yes indeed

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You are absolutely going to fail, starting your diet with a 1400kcal deficit is nothing more than a terrible idea

You’re entitled to your opinion. I’m enjoying my success so far 6 lbs lost in 4 days. Bear in mind I’m 150lbs overweight so my body has plenty of fat to burn. Anyway I intend to switch from Huel to Keto when my Huel runs out, after some research looks like it’s better for weight loss than Huel if you can stomach it. I’ll be back on the Huel if I’m wrong about Keto though and perhaps once I reach my target weight. Pity there’s no Keto Huel, a missed opportunity…

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Although I would agree a 1400kcal deficit is too much, let’s be nice @Hugh_Ler please. No need to tell someone they’re going to fail.

Rob, I think that a better deficit for someone 150lbs over weight would be around 1000kcal. This will be more sustainable and would increase likelihood of adherence to the deficit and hopefully prevent large weight shifts due to water loss, as opposed to fat loss.


Thank you Tim you might be right but I’ve read very overweight people at the start of a diet for a few weeks can shift more fat than smaller people before their body pulls on the brakes, perhaps because it knows it has more to spare. I’m aware some (most) of what I’ve lost is water too. I may well decrease the calorie deficit in the coming weeks.

Keto is not better than any other diet. A calorie decifit is really what makes you loose fat. The best thing for fatloss is picking something you can adhere to and perhaps even enjoy. Whether it be Huel, keto or something else doesn’t matter.

That’s why a 1400kcal decifit sounds a bit too much. It’s hard to adhere to something that leaves you hungry and miserable. A 500kcal decifit is usually more manageable.

Find something that works for you and the results will show. Patience is a keyword here :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, that and quality not quantity as regards food. Choose the healthiest you can muster in smaller portions.

Studies show the keto diet outperforms low fat diets. I’m not aware of studies comparing balanced macros and keto. A 500 calorie deficit is not for me the minimum acceptable deficit is about 1000 calories. While I can handle the 1400 deficit I will. If I become miserable I’ll have an extra Huel a day problem solved :slight_smile:

No studies have shown keto outperform any other diet, when total daily calorie intake is the same.

What those studies have shown is, when people cut pretty much all carbs, the generally end up loosing weight. Not because of the ketosis, but because cutting carbs put people in a calorie decifit.

Loosing fat is determined by net fat balance which is controlled by net energy balance.

Anyway, if a large decifit works for you, that’s great! Having Huel fill in gaps if needed seems like a perfect solution.


I’m curious to know which studies? As the annual rankings from the US News & World Report ranks keto as the worst performing diet.