Diarrhoea on Huel

Embarrassing, but I’ve been on Huel to lose weight and has been going well until the last couple of weeks I’ve had the worst Diarrhoea ever. Been eating 3 scoops for breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with the odd snack here and there, but kept within my target amount of calorie intake a day of 1610cal. Been sticking to the recommended water to Huel ratio, but maybe I should change? Any advice?

Did you start on almost 100% Huel right away? If you go from a diet with low fibre to a diet high in fibre like Huel overnight it can cause digestive problems for quite a while, but should even off eventually. You can search the forum and see a lot of people had the same issue.

Happened to me when I first went on a vegan whole foods diet. I had no problems transitioning to Huel, but I was already eating a vegan high fibre diet.

The standard advice is to not go 100% straight away but to build up slowly. Try going back to your previous food for a few days or a week, then gradually reintroduce Huel. Maybe spend a week replacing just one meal a day, then two, and so on.