Low carb/Keto Huel


I’m putting my name down for the a low carb version.

I just finished 10 days of Huel. I could live on it. BUT, I found it gave me heartburn - not as bad as normal food; but enough for me to keep on the process of elimination.

For the past two weeks I’ve being on a Keto diet. Not a single day of heartburn. So wheat, oats - bread even beer is off the menu. Vodka is still ok.

Use insect protein if that helps. Please make a Carb free version.


Very very interested in a <25% carb version, I currently supplement my huel with whey powder, to balance the macros, in order to get the amount of protein I want using only huel, I’d be soaking up way too much carbs and fat, but; 1. I’d rather be able to drop the dairy (the suffering inflicted through industrial farming is a frankly repulsive) and 2. I feel I’m probably losing out on a lot of the additional huel nutrients because of this dilution.

I think something similar has been suggested, but , would it be possible to sell huel in individually managed macro packs? High carb / high protein / high fat packs, so we could blend for our desired macros without losing the complete vitamin/nutrient panel.

Fingers crossed

Loving the product btw gents


Jumping on the bandwagon, I would love a low-carb version too… :slight_smile:


Yes me too.


I’m more than happy with it how it is. I tried low carb high fat and it worked, for a while. I then put most of the weight back on. I now track my calories based on my bmr and the benedict calculator and 50% of my calories are carbs and that doesn’t include veg which I eat a lot of! Ive lost just over a stone in 6 weeks. I say go high carb!!


Any news on this? I do really well on Jake Shake Light which is 50% fat but can only give me 1500 calories a day and to go above that becomes too expensive.

And I do prefer Huel over everything else. So, any news?


A keto style Huel is not something we’re going to be bringing out in the foreseeable future.


European Keto “Soylent” launch - http://www.genesisfoodsolutions.com/.


Yuck, contains milk.


There seems to be a vegan option.


Website is dodgy, ingredients are not listed. No way I’m giving them my money.


You should try the “Ingredients” tab on their home-page, it’s all there.

http://www.genesisfoodsolutions.com/ingredients - just select your flavour of interest.


It’s even worse: http://www.genesisfoodsolutions.com/chocolate-peanut-cookie

A keto vegan chocolate meal has, per 100g: 54g of protein, 0.9g of fat (hello?). So I have to add all the fat? They’re selling me a protein shake with a multivit crushed in?

Breakfast-skipper - does it matter?

I do IF, too. This is an old thread and I am not trying to persuade you, Tom (or anyone else) but decided to reply just to clarify so that those potentially interested are not misinformed. IF is not really about losing weight (it can help though if one tries to lose some - like keto, it is quite good for releasing energy stored in one’s adipose tissue) and does not negatively impact one’s energy levels, as one does not decrease their caloric intake. Most people doing IF actually report increased energy levels. There are quite a lot of papers describing numerous other (than just helping one get leaner) positive effects of IF (e.g. it boosts one’s immune system, improves insulin sensitivity and blood pressure, has an anti-ageing potential similar to CRON thanks to increased autophagy (but without disadvantages of caloric restriction), protects and improves functioning of one’s central nervous system etc.). Apart from the above, IF seems to involve so many molecular mechanisms and interactive pathways that it will keep teams of researchers occupied at least for the next decade or two ;).


Related to the topic of this thread: Happy about relatively high protein content


Does anyone have any ideas what ingredients could be mixed with Huel to increase the proportion of calories derived from healthy fat sources and still be delicious?

An analogical question with regards to protein.

Two obvious possibilities are the protein powder and milk (non-vegan). What else?


Everyone intermittently fasts every day anyway while they are asleep. I tend to have dinner between 5-6pm and then have breakfast at about 7am, so that’s a 13-14 hour fast every 24 hours right there.

Whenever I’ve tried to fast during the day, I’m no good to anyone. I can’t really function properly until I’ve had a good breakfast.


You can have a good breakfast, Marcus. As you have noticed, it is about a time window. If it fits you, you can start yours at breakfast time. As far as I remember, to deplete glycogen stored in one’s liver and cause activation of some of the beneficial pathways, a twenty-hour break is a safe bet. Because of that I would not call someone like Pippin from Lord of the Rings, who has breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner and supper, an IF practitioner, despite all those long breaks from eating they have to endure each day ;).


I see, thanks for letting me know. I don’t need to lose weight anyway, and I’m in good health, so I’m fine as I am. But thanks for the information, I appreciate it.


My pleasure. As I have already mentioned, it is not my intention to persuade you or any other member of this forum to start IF. Just sharing some information to help those who might be interested.

However good one’s health is, there is always space for improvement… kaizen ;)… that said, glad to hear you are doing well in this respect, congratulations :slight_smile: