Nutrition and macro split

Hi there. I know Huel is designed as a whole meal replacement and have read something of the reasoning behind its nutritional profile, the 37/30/30/3 macro split of carbs/fats/proteins/fibre. But is this generally thought to be an ideal, particularly for someone losing weight?

I’ve been using Huel for 1 or 2 meals a day for a while and am really happy with it. It’s helped me a lot in gaining control of what I’m eating (no more sugary snacks) and losing weight (aiming for 10kg in total). But I’ve noticed my diet overall is quite a bit lower in proteins and higher in carbs than Huel itself, closer to the 50/30/20 split of carbs/fats/proteins that’s the default in MyFitnessPal, which I’ve been using to monitor my eating.

So it’s made me think whether I’m losing weight and managing my diet in the healthiest way, and if instead I should be aiming for a Huel-type intake across all my meals. I’m sure there isn’t a single answer but I was just wondering what people think given there’s so much different advice around.

Some people have a lot more luck losing weight on a low carb diet (for which Huel would naturally be better), others find ultra-low carb, high fat (ketogenic) diets better and others have more luck with low-fat diets. Ultimately, weight loss (as opposed to purely fat loss) is almost exclusively about calories in vs calories out, and the best diet for losing weight is the one you can maintain a caloric deficit on without suffering. That varies from person to person.


It’s completely subjective. Huel’s macro balance is pretty good, but for cutting season I make Huel with macro ratio 35/30/35 P/C/F. I seem to react much better.