Lo Carb Huel version?

Just putting it out there, there’s lots of us trying to lower our carb intake (me because of type 2 diabetes, and we’re now told carb = glucose so cut right down) so is there any traction in a lower carb version and if so what would you lose?

This topic has been discussed here: Low carb/Keto Huel

Think this has been mentioned several times before. Answer is always that there are no plans.

Going after the diabetic market (rather than the keto crowd explicitly) could be profitable!

Thanks guys.

I just added my vote over on that other thread.

I’m doing ok on normal Huel, but I’m aware that I’m supposed to cut my carbs down and on 100% Huel it’s impossible.

Here are two hacks to get low carb Huel - https://huel.com/blogs/news/low-carb-huel-two-hacks#

Thanks Julian

Might be worth an experiment with.

If nothing else it might help with the wind…

Do the carbs give you wind?

From the other thread about Guffs I’ve surmised it could be the complex carbs from the peas etc causing the wind, but either way I now live in Windy City 24/7

Been shopping ready to Hack.

By the way pound world sell perfect size containers for Huel and coconut …

Not Peas, Pea Protein, so very little to no carbs.

Well the Hack version is more filling, it’s a bit gritty as the desiccated coconut I found was medium ground, but pleasant taste to the whole thing.

I went with the 48 Huel/ 22 Protein Isolate / 30 desiccated coconut mix. The isolate was a whey one chocolate flavoured. It’s the best they had for sale at Holland and Barrett but next time I’m going to order unflavoured 97% from bulk powders as that’s only 2gms carb per 100.

Let’s see what happens. I was shocked to find out tonight that even carrots are 6gms per 100 carbs!!

Good stuff! Must’ve missed these posts. Will have to drop by Pound Land!

I followed the second hack recipe. 100 grams t0 500-600 ml of water. Is 100 grams supposed to be the amount to replace a meal? Do you scale up the recipe 200 or 300 grams using the same proportions? 100 grams t0 5-600 ml seemed a little watery but maybe that’s just my taste. Im shooting for a 1500 calorie a day intake 500 calories per meal.

The 100gms recipe I use with 400 ml
Water. That’s one meal’s worth I think about 400 calories. It’s nice and thick, and improves overnight in the fridge.