Weight loss: Huel + low-carb meals?

Hi, all.
Any recommendations on mixing Huel with low-carb diets? I’d like to use this approach to get back to my previous weight, but I’m not sure about the tradeoffs. In the past I adapted easily and saw really good results with low-carb diets, but I’m not sure how this works with Huel. I imagine using Huel to replace 2 meals and having 1 low-carb meal is fine, but I’d like to hear from the community what do you think. :smiley:

I just ordered my first Huel kit. It should arrive in the next 2 or 3 days. I hope Huel can help me to lose weight. I just want to share a bit of my weight history with all of you.

In 2013 I was 27 and weighing 150kg/331lb. It was terrible. It was, for sure, the worst part of my life. I decided to make some changes and then I found a program and did a pretty extreme treatment with psychologist, nutritionist and endocrinologist. During 5 months I was able to lose 25kg/55lb, ending weighing 125kg/275lb. The diet was a kind of protein based diet.

During 2014 and 2015 I was able to keep the same weight (125kg/275lb). In the middle of 2015 I started practicing Muay Thai twice a week and moved back to my low-carb diet. After some months I reached 105kg/231lb in the end of 2015. I was feeling incredible. It was, by far, the period I was feeling most confident and healthier in my entire life. I remember doing blood exams to make sure everything was fine and all the exams were really good.

I also kept my weight during 2016, then I met my wife, started living together, married and moved to another country. That’s when I think I lost a bit of balance and started eating badly and regain again weight. I’m now weighing 130kg/286lb.

So, I decided it’s time to make the things happen and I want to feel that good again. And I decide to use Huel to help me, replacing the non-balanced breakfast and lunch I have in the office.

I’d like to know what do you think about using Huel to replace both breakfast and lunch during the week days and keeping the rest of the meals low-carb. I’m also started walking and bicycling, and will come back to Muay Thai in the next weeks, so I’m curious about how it will work with exercise.

It’s nice to be here and I hope Huel can help me on this journey.

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I’m not a nutrition or fitness expert in any sense, but I’ve been using Huel as part of a weight loss plan for a couple of months now and am having very good results (I also cycle ~8 miles into work - and back, when I can). Personally I don’t buy into any one particular diet e.g. keeping carbs as low as possible, the most important thing I’ve found is to log absolutely everything I eat on a calorie tracker (myfitnesspal is excellent and free- there’s a paid version but I’ve never had need for it. The most important thing is that it pretty much knows about every food you could possibly hope to consume, and in most cases you can scan the barcode) and stick to a calorie deficit.

In a sense though, when you do this, avoiding “bad carbs” becomes something of an unwritten rule. I’m going to have an absolutely awful day if I blow my calorie target on donuts and then have to go hungry. I’ve found it much easier to have treats in moderation this way than I’ve ever managed to before.

The great thing about Huel is that it’s both incredibly balanced and you can get exactly the number of calories you want from a particular meal. and if you want less calories but want it to fill you up, I suggest adding mild vegetables e.g. carrots and kale and then blending it - they don’t affect the flavour all that much, even if you’re using a sweetened flavour, but they add a bit more “bulk” without adding many more calories.

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Ooh exciting times! I wish you all the best on your journey mate.

Enjoyed reading your story - you’ve lost significant weight before, I’m sure you’ll be able to this time. Keep us updated!

With that kind of weight (no offence) you can scrap low carb.

Calories calories calories. You’re eating too much for your activity level. Forget carbs, forget protein, forget fat.

Standard advice you’ll see time and time again on these forums:

  • Find your TDEE
  • Download Myfitnesspal
  • Use Myfitnesspal to monitor every single thing you eat and drink in a day
  • Weigh food on a mini scale, insert into Myfitnesspal
  • Eat 500 - 1000 calories less than your TDEE
  • Allow yourself treats, just a small amount, input them into Myfitnesspal and be conscious of the quantity, still aiming for that deficit
  • Witness a large weight drop in your first week when your body enters deficit (water weight etc)
  • Consistently weigh every few days and log in Myfitnesspal

Again - Ignore carbs. Carbs are a macronutrient. Carbs are not the devil. The reason “low carb” diets are usually successful is because it subconsciously stops you eating absolutely worthless calorie dense (but tasty) shite (Iced buns, donuts, sweets etc), not because carbs are what made you fat.

Optional - Follow James Smith PT on Facebook and Instagram and witness someone tear down every fad diet and piece of marketing crap you’ve seen.


Thanks, Liam! I’m super excited.

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With that kind of weight (no offence) you can scrap low carb.

Not taken! I’m sharing some previous stories that worked for me, but your inputs are extremely helpful and full of good information. I will definitely check all your recommendations!