Making Keto Huel (Hmm lower carb anyway)

Love Huel. I don’t eat breakfast so my first meal is Huel for lunch and then another one early evening. For dinner I have a high fat meat and salad usually.

One thing that works for me is to change the profile of Huel by adding organic peanut butter to increase the amount of fat. You have to blend it but it tastes awesome. I also like it very sweet so I’ll put more stevia in it. I try stay within 50-100g of carbs which isn’t Keto for me but it’s low enough that I lose weight and feel amazing. I never get cravings for food or that starvation feeling even if I go a day without eating.

Does anyone else do something similar?

I wonder what this would be like with other nut butters, like almond or cashew

Almond is a LOT sweeter. It’s nice but only if you have a sweet tooth. Haven’t tried cashew but definitely will do. I can imagine hazelnut being amazing. I stick with peanut due to cost, it’s a lot cheaper and the fat profile isn’t significantly different enough to swap to a different nut.

Would love to see a Keto huel made of different nuts and seeds. Although I imagine it’d be quite expensive!

My breakfast Huel is made with cacao powder and about 50g of peanut butter. I have a very high powered blender so making cashew or almond butter would be easy. Cashew butter is just delicious so I rarely make it!

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Chris - do you do this with the unflavoured or the vanilla Huel?

I make it with the vanilla flavoured one. It’s really nice. Haven’t tried unflavoured but with the extra stevia and peanut I think it would also be nice!

Love the idea of experimenting with different butters. Peanut butter and Huel is so good! There is a cool recipe in our recipe book too which includes banana.

We won’t be making any ketogenic versions of Huel at the moment. We don’t feel that the science is sufficient to justify it, beyond using it to manage conditions like epilepsy. There aren’t enough long term studies that suggest it is a safe way to lose weight for James’s liking.


That sounds like a great idea!

How much Huel are you having each day and after adding the butter, what is the rough calories, fat, protein, carb breakdown for the day if you don’t mind me asking?