Peanut Butter flavour?

I’m sure I’m not the only person who has thought this but is a Peanut Butter version in development? That would be a sure fire winner!

Haha it’s an odd one because Huel is proud to be vegan and allergen free. I think peanut butter flavour could be achieved without actual nuts but it’s like asking for bacon flavour, bit of an unusual direction for the company to go in. Many other Huelers use peanut butter powder, give the forum a quick search using the search bar


Just add peanut butter powder for a diy version, add cocoa for peanut butter cup flavor. Works best with vanilla huel.


Yep, I totally get the vegan USP but millions of people love nuts and peanut butter, so why not ultimately?

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Thanks! To be honest, I’ve never heard of PB powder. That’s a new one for me but I try it out if I can find it!


It is a flavour we’re exploring. There are allergen concerns so it’s a bit more complex and would have to be made at a different site.


Some of us here, including myself, use PB fit powdered peanut butter. Are you in UK? I have shown a link to Sainsbury’s but you can get it from various places.

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Oh wow, perfect! Definitely will try. Thanks so much and yes I’m in the UK :sunglasses::+1:

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I can confirm that peanut butter powder is AWESOME
Discovered it here on the forum thanks to fellow huellers.
I found PeanutHottie (NOT the drink version) in Tesco - that was excellent.
Then bought in bulk from MyProtein. Also excellent.
You can buy it in loads of places and it’s so delicious but with so much less fat. Win win.
Check the ingredients tho as a few brands have loads of sugar or other additives.
Most have a touch of salt, which personally I like.

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Wow, I’m discovering a whole new world about peanut butter which I never even knew existed, plus I used to think of myself as somewhat of a PB connoisseur. How little do I know! :joy::joy:

Many thanks Christina!


Adding peanut butter powder adds a lot of calories to your huel shakers, essentially lipids and proteins
Do you counterbalance by adding instant oats?

Depends how much you add. 2 tablespoons PBfit = 70kcal

In you put these 70 kcal in how many huel kcal?
If it is on a 400 kcal shaker, it adds almost 15/20% more calories and lowers the carbohydrates in terms of %

You put this in huel u&u or original?

It may be about a 15-20% difference for that one meal but consider an entire day it’s only 3-5%. Which won’t make any difference to your health.

I add smooth peanut butter to chocolate shake and blend it. Good on days where I am doing a workout

I like the PB2 taste and adding 2 tbsp is enough for me so no biggy on the calorie increase. I got some of their chocolate peanut butter powder too but not tried it out yet.

Sadly as James pointed out - this would have to be manufactured and packed in a separate environment to the rest of their products.

OK - so I tried the PB2 Chocolate flavor. Honestly - I couldn’t taste any chocolate at all - not even a hint. the colour was SLIGHTLY darker but that’s it - should stick with the regular powdered peanut butter and chuck 20mg of unsweetened cocoa powder in with the mix if you want that liquid Reese’s Pieces fix :wink: