Chocolate peanut butter


Ohhhhh… I had some chocolate peanut butter in my monthly vegan subscription box… so added some to my lunch vanilla Huel :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: tastes amazing!


Bulk powders do a whey Protein also in chocolate peanut, it’s awesome with Huel!

Not vegan I know…


and if you want the flavour but not the calories, this is pretty good:


This sounds SO good! Anyone tried blending peanut butter with Huel but just using the shaker? I’m not a blender, but I like peanut butter.

I know these aren’t real problems.


:joy: try it and let us know :raised_hands:t2:


I’ll check those out, thank you


Lol thank you


I tried shaking it with peanut butter and it didn’t mix too well leaving some of the peanut butter stuck to the side of the shaker. But blended it is perfect :smiley: A power taste combo!


My kingdom for a peanut butter flavoured Huel (Granola, Powder, Bar or whatever you want)!!!


I branched out yesterday and acted as the office Huel waiter. Liv and I had a blended peanut butter, Cacao Flavour Boost, ice with New and Improved and it was delish. I know this is a tried and tested winner but I feel like I’m amongst friends who like chocolate and peanut butter here - this is a safe place.


I think we should have a chocolate and peanut butter Huel party… :wink::smiley:


Virtually everyone likes chocolate & pb. The few who don’t should be coated in peanut butter, rolled in cacao & cast out (asap, just in case they have a peanut allergy - a little tip to avoid nasty legal complications).




Peanut nut butter is wasted in huel, just eat it from the jar like a pro :wink:


LIES! PB is great in Huel.


Hahaha :joy::clap:t2: