Peanut Butter flavouring

Any chance Huel makers of a peanut butter type flavouring? I don’t have access to a blender during the day when I Huel and adding but butters makes for one claggy shake!

thanks in advance

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In the meantime you could use these, like I do sometimes: peanut butter and chocolate peanut butter are both very good:


I use peanut butter powder from health food shop, Ocado and sometimes if I get lucky from TK Maxx on the cheap

I have used that, but it does increase the calories too.

How much is needed to give flavour? For some reference I put in about 25% of a tea spoon of Huel flavours in 90g of Vanilla with 450 ml of water.

I’d recommend putting a bit less Huel in, and adding a tablespoon or so of this:

Gorgeous. Works if you add a banana too, scrumptious!

I use 500ml liquid, 100g Huel and about 12 drops of peanut butter flavouring…that’s just right for me.

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I use chocolate peanut butter tasty and yummy… online from The Butternut co. in India. Healthy peanut butter is good source of protein and vitamin E.

Tried today with peanut butter and its pretty nice, the taste and smell…