How to replicate peanut flavor

I see that Huel will be discontinuing the Peanut Butter flavor, which I really enjoy. How many tablespoons or grams of peanut flour can I add to one serving of the Vanilla powder (2 scoops with 17 ounces of water) to approximate the Peanut Butter flavor?

I know some ppl are suggesting to add some peanut butter, but the list of ingredients in Huel said peanut flour - so I’m trying to manually do the same per serving


This is non US forum and peanut not available so you may be better asking on the US forum.

as far as I can tell, there’s only 1 forum for all Hueligans across the world? While there is a separate shopping site for the US, there isn’t a separate forum for the US?

Get some PB2 powder - apparently that’s a good alternative.

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Thank you sir! I’ll try my luck over there

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No problem. I was hoping PB would reach the UK, but as it’s now delisted in US where I guess they assumed a bigger market would be, I can’t see it happening.

Welcome to the forum @FistNorthStar! Feel free to join in with this forum as and when you like but as @hunzas said there is a US forum that can help you with any US specific questions :heart: