Huel shake flavor hacks

Greetings fellow Huel aficionados! Here’s a couple hacks I thought I’d post for anyone interested in trying them. I’ve been using Huel regularly for a few years now and it is the cornerstone of my primarily liquid diet, necessitated by radiation treatment that extended from the base of my nose to about mid torso.
For those of you who enjoy coffee as I do, I start every day by making 16oz/500ml of iced coffee to which I add one of my three favorite flavors, coffee caramel, peanut butter or cookies and cream. They all taste great by themselves, but when combined with iced coffee it’s like starting the day with a delicious dessert drink.
The second hack is for those of you who enjoyed peanut butter and were sad to see it discontinued. There is a product called PBFit peanut butter powder. It comes in original and chocolate. I add 2 tbsp of PBFit to 2 scoops of vanilla Huel and the result is very close to what Huel peanut butter was, mostly peanut butter taste with a hint of vanilla. The original is 8g of protein in 2 tbsp and the chocolate is 5g, the cocoa in the mix reduces the protein level a little bit. I look forward to and very much enjoy my iced coffee/Huel shake start to my day and I hope these hacks will bring some of you the same!


I’ve never tried the peanut butter flavour Huel as not in UK but I do use PBFit original sometimes. I think there is also a cinnamon flavour one…or there used to be which could be good.

You guys never got the peanut butter flavor in the UK? That’s too bad, it was delicious. I was very disappointed to see it go but mixing the PBFit with vanilla is very close, so I’m happy I have that option. I’ll have to check on the cinnamon, that sounds like it would be good too.

Actually I just realised the cinnamon one is a different brand - PPB - not sure if you get that in US.

I’ll have to look into that, thanks for the heads up!

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Hey Terry! Welcome to the community :smiling_face: Hope you enjoy your stay!

Even though Huel is delicious on its own, it is great to see some creative ideas, as it is always good to switch things up and try something new, at least in my opinion! I have heard of a few Huel coffee hacks before but would have never thought about combining iced coffee with BE Cookies & Cream. How did you come up with this?

Personally, I am more of a fruity, mylkshake kind of guy, and I like to blend BE Chocolate/Vanilla with frozen and fresh fruit. For example, most mornings I enjoy some BE Vanilla blended with a banana, some strawberries, a small spoonful of peanut butter, and some oat milk :yum:

I am very curious about the iced coffee + Cookies & Cream combination, and I must say, you got me very close to giving it a try!

The iced coffee thing actually happened out of necessity. I have multiple complications from radiation treatment I received years ago that have made it necessary for me to shift to a predominantly liquid diet. Huel has been the cornerstone of my diet since that shift. I need to have my head way back to swallow anything, especially liquid, or I’ll aspirate whatever I’m swallowing. I love my coffee but could no longer drink it hot because of this, slamming back a mouthful of hot coffee is dangerous and ill advised. One can easily scald their throat. So I started making iced coffee every day. Coffee Caramel was my favorite flavor before Peanut Butter and Cookies and Cream were released. Soon after I started drinking iced coffee every day, I got to thinking, why not just use the iced coffee as the base for the Coffee Caramel? So I did and it was amazing. Then Peanut Butter came out and it was just as delicious with iced coffee as the Coffee Caramel. When Cookies and Cream came out I knew it would be the same thing before I even tried it. The best word I can come up with to describe it is decadent. As a coffee lover, I think I would enjoy any Huel flavor mixed with coffee. They’re both great individually but the sum of the two is definitely greater than the individual parts. It’s the first thing I have every morning and I look forward to it from the moment I get up. It’s like starting the day with a delicious dessert drink.