Query from a newbie

Hello all, new user to Huel and also new to counting my calories on My Fitness Pal. As someone who is relatively new to all this and only do light exercise should I be overly worried about by Protein vs Carbs intake or just focus on my total calories?

For example 2 Huel shakes today has taken my total Protein goal for the day, my dinner will likely consist of both carbs and protein but will take me over my goal.

I’m just trying to lose some weight so I guess I should be more focussed on calorie totals initially? Sorry If the answer is very obvious or I’ve answered it myself. Thank you,


Dan just posted two new Huel articles that may help you - scroll down a bit to this and this

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If your goal is losing weight, you can absolutely do that on a diet that consists largely of regular Huel. The carb content is not a barrier to that.

However, having heavier carb or heavier protein elements of your diet can benefit you depending on what kind of exercise you do. If, for example, you are doing a lot of endurance exercise, carb loading is really important to get the best out of your sessions.

My advice would be to not worry about it all at once. Just stick with lowering your overall calorie intake (which is no small task and requires a fair bit of adjustment in order to do it in a meaningful way). Once you feel you’ve got some decent results you may find yourself at a plateau. Then it’s time to consider looking into things in more detail.

I am, by no means an expert. There may be people who offer other advice, but what I am saying is what I’ve always found to be good for me.


Thanks for pointing me to this Phil, that’s a useful read

Thank you. That’s helpful to back up my initial thoughts that really all I should worry about is eating cleaner with Huel and focus on my calorie goal. I know trying to do too much at once isn’t sustainable and finding Huel so useful to replace breakfast, lunch or sometimes both to control my calorie deficit as lunch would usually be when I’d buy something quick and full of calories from the shops

Sounds like you’ve made a healthy change. I’d just keep that going for a while and see where it leads you.

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