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Hello guys, i was wondering if this stuff could help me lose weight/tone slightly, i’m an extremely fussy eater and it’s a serious problem for me, i really hate eating all the junk food that i do but trying new food is a massive psychological problem of mine, is it a good idea for me to give Hue a try ?
I’m 5’11 and 73kg

Thanks for taking the time to answer.

Hi Rokuden 92, you should definitely try huel for losing weight, I too have had problems with losing weight, until I tried huel. It’s easy and fast to prepare and you can flavour it with plenty of different flavours which you can find on this forum , I have one for breakfast and one for dinner and a balanced meal for tea, in one month I have lost two stone but I’m expecting that to slow down. I’m a big eater and love my food but since being on Huel I don’t get cravings and it sustains me throughout the day. So give it go , I flavour mine with coconut milk, coffee with three scoops for the morning and 3 scoops for dinner with banana and blueberries. I recommend using a blender and prepare the night before.

Good luck Jp


Yes Huel can be used for losing weight. I lost 10kg with it. Your current weight seems fine for your height, why do you need to lose more weight?

Many people have used Huel to lose weight. We aren’t a weight loss product but, like with whole food, you can use Huel to manage your calorie intake.

Some notes on weight loss. There is no specific amount of Huel that will work for everyone. We are all different but a good and safe way to lose weight is to cut your calorie intake by 500 kcal below what you need to maintain your weight. We have a really useful guide written by James (Huel co-founder and Registered Nutritionist) about weight loss - https://huel.com/pages/guide-to-fat-loss17

I hope this helps!


I just want a flat stomach again to help with confidence issues :confused:

Fair enough but at that height/weight you will also need to do some abdomen exercises. More-so than losing weight.

Spot burning is a myth. Abdomen exercises will do absolutely fuck all for losing abdomen fat.


I wouldn’t say it’s a myth but ‘spot burning’ as you call it or concentrating on a particular area of your body (whilst maintaining normal exercise) will indeed enhance it. Hence ‘leg’ days.

I think if you work your abs and build them up without losing the belly fat, the abs end up pushing the fat out more so your stomach looks even fatter.

If you want a flat stomach then aim to get you body fat level down to below 15%, and if you want visible abs then 12% or lower, although I’m not finding getting to the latter easy!

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