Lose fat, not reduce weight

If I exclusively go on Huel - mainly so I can count the calories I’m taking in - can you reduce just belly fat? My BMI is (just) in the healthy range and therefore I’m not particularly targeting weight reduction although I understand a loss of fat will achieve that as well. I’ve got a small frame and generally no fat anywhere other than the belly which I really need to lose - either that or put on fat everywhere else so I don’t look so out of proportion! :blush:

Many thanks in advance.

As with any food, being in a calorie deficit will lead to weight loss. That being said Huel does allow you to easily count your calories.It’s important to note that you cannot target an area of the body and being in a calorie deficit can also lead to muscle loss.

If your statement is correct (that you have very little fat on your body), i recommend that if you want to target your stomach, it better to meet your TDEE and focus exercise on your abdomen building muscle in the area.

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As Matt has said we don’t really have a choice where the fat goes or where we lose it either.

As you’ve mentioned there’s no set target, we tend to work with ranges. If you want to improve the shape and appearance of your body a mixture of diet and exercise is the key. If you struggle to exercise, find something you enjoy whether that’s running, strength training, team sports (maybe not right now) or yoga.

Looking at diet, getting a good amount of protein (~1.6g/kg) and a calorie intake that is not above what you need (use a calorie calculator to help you here) is a rough start. Huel can certainly help with both these aspects.

These articles should help too: Guide to Fat Loss, How to Make & Maintain a Healthy Habit, The Role of Nutrition in Exercise

Let me know if you have anymore questions, it’s a bit of trial and error to find what works for you.


Thank you! I was under the impression that if you had fat, diet played a much bigger part than exercise in reducing it but doesn’t appear so.

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Thanks Dan. I’ll definitely check out the calculator and those guides. Would you recommend white or black Huel? I’ll look to consistently have that once a day and a H & S once a day too. Not quite sure what I’ll do with the third meal - my concern with having a “normal” meal is I won’t be able to accurately count calories.

Heya, just popping my head around the corner but that sounds like far too few calories.

Work out how many calories you need here


A standard 2scoop drink and a standard 2 scoop H&S are only 400 calories each. You’ll be needing a fair bit more than that 800.

It’s worth investing in a small electronic kitchen scale, especially if you’ll be eating traditional food because you can then weigh the amounts of each ingredient and use an app like myfitnesspal which will let you know how many are in there. Is also a function to create your own regular recipes so you don’t need to be constantly calculating, which I found really useful.

Best of luck :+1:t3:

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Although you cannot spot reduce Men do tend to lose fat first from thoer face then shoulders chest etc
belly fat is stubborn as for diet and excersise 70pc of you body shape is diet 25 pc exercise and a very generous 5 pc any supplements imho
Thier is some talk that focusing on adomen exercise actually makes you belly bigger . Should you actually build muscle there. As building muscle and losing fat don’t really go together

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There is recent research that now suggests you may be able to target fat loss in a particular area by concentrating on it, so may be worth adding some ab exercises into your routine, such as bicycle kicks, Russian twists etc.

Do you drink much beer? Maybe cut that out for a bit, as well as bread if you eat a lot. You may have a touch of wheat belly!

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Pls add a link to this research for peer review

Thank you. Must admit I hadn’t realised I’d be that far short of calories with my intended plan but I’d be happy to increase my Huel intake - and use my kitchen scales. :blush:

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Not sure there’s a lot I can lose from my chest or shoulders but it’s good to know that diet does play a large part. I’m hoping the fact that I don’t really have massive amounts to lose elsewhere means I’ll eventually start losing it from the belly.

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Does the Russian twist involve vodka? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Thankfully I don’t drink beer but I probably will average about 3 slices of 50-50 bread a week plus some garlic bread once a fortnight. That sounds reasonable to me but happy to stand corrected!

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Whichever you prefer and works best for you! 400kcal of Huel v3.0 vs 400kcal Black Edition will not make a difference to your goals.

Possibly, but don’t forget there’s also a level of inaccuracy with your level of physical activity and overall metabolism. You can track any meal with pretty good accuracy and by monitoring your progress you can make tweaks here and there. This will help you better understand food and hopefully maintain your weight loss for the long term.


Thanks Dan, that’s a fair point. I guess it’s quite easy to get hung up on the finer details but miss out on the overall goal of making improvements from the status quo!

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