Which Huel for weight loss

I have been thinking of using Huel for weight loss but which would be better?

White or Black and why?


Hello Matthew - there is a very useful collection of guides on the site here where they also place Black Edition as ‘the perfect choice’.

Black - totally. You’ll need the protein or you’ll lose muscle. I just lost a stone using black Huel for mornings and the better than you’d expect savoury - the Mexican Chilli is the best IMO. Add some chopped veg that won’t push too many extra calories and a calorie counted evening meal - good luck. Dead easy with Heul is my experience.

I dare say you’ll get a lot of responses that it doesn’t matter and you should only worry about calories.

For myself, the higher protein and lower carb of Black is doing the job nicely. I have tended to find in general higher protien/lower carb diets work better for me, but that’s just my experience.

Also, the Salted Caramel Black edition is quite frankly outrageously tasty. It’s enough reason on it’s own :smiley:

Good taste ist bad, because the danger to consume too much of something is higher.