Huel's very limited ordering system - frustrating!

I believe Huel (the company) needs to update its ordering system to make it more flexible.

Let me explain…

I’ve been a loyal Huel customer for quite a while now, with several orders placed, and I love the product (powder only - I haven’t tried the bars yet).

I’ve bought both Vanilla and U/U and experimented with mixing quantities of each. I’ve got to the stage where my preference is two parts U/U with one part Vanilla. In those proportions, I like the flavour and level of sweetness.

I started with v2.1 which I was very happy with overall. Recently, I’ve been using v2.2 and - like many others - have had issues with the thickness, lumpiness and liquid quantities. I’ve figured out an approach that works for now, but I’m hoping that v2.3 - when it’s released - will address these problems.

I’m getting to the end of my current supplies, and so I need to re-order - but I don’t want to order too much, as I’m hoping v2.3 might not be too far away.

What I’d like to order is one bag of Vanilla and two bags of U/U… but it seems I can’t do that. The website will let me buy two bags of one flavour, or a mix of both; or, I can order four bags, or even eight, in whatever combination of the two flavours. But none of those options gives me the ability to order twice the amount of U/U to Vanilla - unless I’m missing something?

What I can do is place two separate orders - the first, for two bags of Vanilla; the second, for four bags of U/U. That’s one more order than should be necessary, but I can live with that - except that I end up with twice the amount of product than I currently want to buy (remember, I’m holding out for v2.3 so I only want to order small quantities right now).

I’ve spoken to Zoe in the Huel team (who, by the way, is very friendly and professional), and she has confirmed that their ordering system doesn’t currently support what I want to do. She has kindly agreed to pass my comments on to management, but informs me that the ordering system won’t be changing any time soon.

In lieu of any alternatives, I may have to bite the bullet and place those separate orders for two bags of Vanilla and four of U/U - but it irks me that I’ll be stocking up more product than I want, when I’d really prefer to wait for v2.3 before I place a bigger order.

I’m posting this here in the hope that others - especially those mixing their Huel flavours - might agree, and the Huel team may decide to allow more flexible ordering :slight_smile:

I subscribe… and I would like to have the flavour pouches sent with my regular order… but I can’t.

Another one to add to the backlog?

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You can actually do this. If you log into your account (that has an active subscription) then go to the flavour pouch page, there will be an “add to existing subscription” button next to the normal add to basket button.

We need to make this clearer and add it to the Huel subscription guide, however, as this is not at all obvious.

To OP, this is something we’re reviewing internally. I don’t have any word on if/when this may be fixed, but it’s something we’re looking at seriously.

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Thanks, Gulliver - I appreciate the response.

Alas, I don’t buy my Huel via subscription, and have no plans to, as my consumption is variable - so I like to buy it only when I need it. This ordering feature is something that should really be supported through the normal order capability.

At present, I’m still on the fence about ordering more, as I really don’t want six bags (4 U/U, 2 Vanilla). I’d prefer to keep my quantities low until the next Huel powder update…

Kind regds


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Thanks… I didn’t realise. I’ll try it out.

I’ve also struggled with the flexibility of the subscription system. What I used to have was a load of products in my subs and then I would adjust the quantity of what I wanted, with most having 0. Seemed to work but I didn’t know how else to do it.

I am new to Huel and noticed the same awkward ordering system as well. Or maybe it’s the website and I’m missing something?
(No subscription here either.)
Just as a side note, BigM, how do you know about the upcoming change in Huel recipes?