How do I order 1x Vanilla Black and 1 X 3.0 Banana on same order?

Hey all,

I’m looking to try Black Huel.

I usually order one Vanilla and one Banana or Berry for 3.0 and wanted to do the same with the new Black formula, but it’s only other flavour is Chocolate (I’m not a fan of Chocolate flavoured anything).
I cannot for the life of me figure out how to order one Huel Black and one 3.0 Flavoured, I understand the 2 bag minimum but I want to order 2 bags! 2 lasts me a long time so its not worth me ordering more.

Am I missing something? Is it not ok to mix the two batches from a consumption perspective? (I like to alternative them each day), or is this just poor website design?

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You cant.

It will have to be 2 x white & 2 x black to hit the websites minimum order restrictions for each product.

It doesn’t go by how much the shopping basket is it has minimum order per product.

There is a whole recent thread about not being able to mix and match products.


I actually want to make a similar order, i’ve heard that the Black vanilla is pretty close to original 2.3 in taste, very much want to find this out for myself.

Also, that protein, get swole.

That’s a shame and seems a bit counter productive for the company themselves.
Thanks for the speedy answer.

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Ahh I only searched for “different” and “another flavour” in terms of orders so missed that. It should be pined. Thanks for the info

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i want to do this but it seems stupid they cant allow this. tbh it wouldnt be hard for them to this.

quite often ive bought singular bags off eBay

That is the correct answer.