Mixing types of Huel on ordering

I wanted to try the Black Huel, but with only 2 flavours i wanted to try just one bag of Black with another bag of V3 huel.
The order form wont let you do this, but i think it should so people could try new products.
Will more flavours be added to the Black edition Huel soon?.

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Hi Hawks,

It’s a site limitation. I was interested in trying just the Black Huel Vanilla, purchasing just one single bag of it, and trying to blend with my regular UU, trying my mix, but that seems impossible for now. Hope they change it in a near future and also add a more consensual Huel Black Chocolate and/or add other flavors.


there’s a large discussion on that here


Phil-C. Thanks for the info.
So this has been asked since 1st Dec and we still cant do mix&Match…Wow.

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Waaaaaaaay longer than that, there’s a lot to consider (apparently) and the current system does work for most Huel customers.

I wonder why it’s such a complicated thing to change. They’re like “you can not comprehend the magnitude of your request!” but it’d be cool to find out the reason.

My guess is that the person who installed the shop software quit and no one else knows how it works.

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I guess there are multiple factors involved - changing the way a company has fulfilled orders for years to a new model is never going to be a quick thing. Based on how our own business operates, I would think the following aspects come into play:

  • Even though they are a small team relative to the size of the business – they still operate on annual plans that cover all aspects such as new product roll outs, R&D, pack dev research etc and everything will be prioritised on a time line set the year before.

  • Introducing a new variable to that plan requires significant rescheduling and prioritising even if you’re a very agile company. Especially keeping in mind that towards the latter portion of the year, they had two big (global) product launches that they also had to move on quickly to change to reduce allergen risks in a very compressed time frame.

  • Huel have a very all hands on deck way of working that’s been seen many times in the past such as when they had to respond to flooding in the warehouses so it’s clear that when something takes longer than a customer expects, it’s not for lack of effort.

  • Stock and raw material purchasing – having operated on the same model for years, there will be sufficient data to reasonably accurately forecast volumes of product and raw materials needed to be purchased and when to avoid over stock and risk wastage.

  • Introducing a new model that allows customers to change their purchasing patterns in an ad hoc manner is good for customers but negates much of the historical forecast data so it’s basically a start from scratch situation on these purchasing forecasts.

Or the person who installed the shop software quit and no one else knows how it works :laughing:


The world is way simpler than you make it out to be, Phil. They only need to do SetMinProduct=1 and SetTotalOrder=2! Everything is just corporate nonsense. It’s only real if you believe in it.

Sure we’ll get some people complaining that they were forced to buy two packs of RTD, but they are acceptable collateral damage.

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or if part of your job is working on annual forecasts and capex for the upcoming fiscal - mercifully managed to ditch that part of my role a year back as its a thankless task akin to black magic or, at the very least, a shed load of smoke and mirrors.

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Way over thinking this issue.
Its not rocket science, its just a simple web site change. It would take minutes for the person in charge of Huels web page to alter.
I personally think they are missing a trick, especially if they have a new product (Black edition) that more people might try just swapping one bag on first order.

I’m just hypothesising on scenarios that could occur with such a change - yes changing a website is quick - changing how orders are fulfilled - not so much

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