Please let us mix and match different products when ordering

Of course, the point being that you shouldn’t have to do that. Ordering two separate subscriptions to arrive on the same day doesn’t actually guarantee they will arrive on the same day (and in the same box), no?* But having one subscription (containing all the powders and bars you want) should, yes? Cheers.

*My experience of Huel deliveries has actually been 100% positive and I’ve had all my packages delivered on the days they should have been. But my subscription until recently has been straightforward (3 bags of v2.3 every 4 weeks). Going by threads on here, others’ experiences have been variable…

I think it does. They charge you once and send you one email. From Huel’s side of things, the two subscriptions trigger on the same date, and become a single “order”. If one product was out of stock, the whole order would be delayed until it’s ready.

edit: have a look at the Upcoming Deliveries page in your account. You can see all the subscriptions appear as a single delivery. It’s also easy to add something else from that page, including a subscription to another product (which defaults to the same delivery day, but doesn’t automatically use the same delivery frequency, so you’d need to edit that if you want to keep everything in sync moving forward).

Thanks David - useful to know. Like I said earlier, it feels like Huel are halfway there in terms of ordering and adding different items as one order but not 100%.

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Was just about to post a thread requesting this as well, so I’d like to add my feedback to this.

I’ve been happily on a 50:50 split of Original and U&U for a while now (breakfast and lunch). I wanted to try Black, with an idea of it perhaps being in my breakfast Huel. I understand that you don’t have a Black U&U yet, but I can’t order one bag of Black Vanilla and one of U&U to pair it with. I really don’t want to spend about £100 (2+2 bags) just to try out Black, either. Nor do I want to go 100% sweet.

It’s not just this, either. It’s also kept me from trying out Huel Bars all this time, though I think I’m now going to do it as a one-off as part of an office experiment.

But please, please look into a straightforward ‘minimum order’! For you as much as for us. : )


+1 for me. I have not proceeded with my order today as I want one bag of Black Vanilla to try it and one bag of Banana V3.0 which I know sits right with me.
I cannot afford to double my order especially if I do not get on with the lower carb Black version.


the same question was asked on a recent Q&A on instagram to which the reply came back watch this space so clearly they’re looking into it.


I’m in the same position. I want to try Black but I need Unflavoured also, and some bars. I don’t want to buy two of everything! What do I do?

if you’re already ordering your UU or bars you can add a single bag of black to the order.


Thank you Phil, I did not know that.

I have noticed one issue with this, i’d love to order two bags of 2.3 original then slowly try the 3.0 over time, but you can only add a bag of black huel if you order fro the outlet, could this be fixed? :smiley:

@Tim_Huel I see you added the feature to buy a single black bag or a bar when buying couple of bags to UK shop. When will this come to EU store?

Thanks for feedback, that’s quite a niche use-case and we won’t be implementing that, sorry Jewy.

Very soon, in the next few weeks.

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Does it not seem more likely people would be ordering their old favourites and trying updated bags to see how ingredients effect them differently? It just seems more likely people ordering 2.3 would want to try 3.0 than Black version?

Obviously this is just my view i dont know for sure what your numbers say :slight_smile:

Great news! Keep us updated when it goes live. Look forward to trying the new bars before fully committing.

It’s seems possible now!

Hi @Tim_Huel, I think it is not yet possible. Was wondering as I would like to buy 3 bags of powder and 1 pack of bars but that’s not possible as I need at least 2 packs of bar then… In my search on why, I stumbled across this forum :wink:

Bad luck. :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is so annoying. I want to buy 3 bags.

1 x Huel 3
1 x Huel Black
1 x Gluten Free

Yet apparently I have to buy two of each? This makes no sense. Please sort your site out so we can mix and match with a minimum of any 2 products instead of needing 2 of each.

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I wouldn’t mind trying your new hot and savoury stuff too. But I’m not going to commit £50 to 3 bags in addition to the other stuff I want just to test it. Madness. :roll_eyes:

you have to buy two of one of them as a minimum order but can add singles of the others such as black, H&S, bars, RTD etc to the order. You do not have to buy 2 or 3 of everything.

BTW - if you are planning on buying 3 and GF 3 to compare them for any taste or texture differences - there aren’t any. they are essentially exactly the same except one uses GF oats and the other doesn’t. Black Edition, Ready-to-drink and Bars are already gluten-free.

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