Confusion of Order

Hi everyone,

I used to use Huel over a year ago but stopped because I just could not tolerate the taste of the vanilla version and I was trying to go through it all and thought to myself food should be enjoyable, not forceful.

Although I knew it made a difference, I was feeling more full and less prone to snacking I had to give it up because I just was not enjoying.

I did want to try Huel again and was reading through the forums, turns out that you have “improved” the consistency so it’s more thinner (something which is an improvement to me). You also have produced a new version of vanilla, I disliked the previous one for being too sweet and many people commenting it is less sweet and a big bonus is the Granola, from people’s opinion they seem great and are something that I’ve been wanting to that I can physically munch on.

So made my order on Wednesday, got delivered today.


I selected new version of vanilla and I clicked original… because one assumes original is as the word says original with no vanilla, big mistake it’s the old vanilla. What I ideally wanted was a bag of new vanilla and a bag of unsweetened/unflavoured one so I can start experimenting with ratios.

So how do I go about returning it for the unsweetened/unflavoured version?

Are they unopened? If so that’s good, you can contact support to get them exchanged.

I think New Vanilla though is sweeter than Original Vanilla though?

Yes, they’re unopened I guess I will have to set up an exchange which is hassle that could have been avoided haha!

I’ve been reading more people saying it tastes less vanilla-like which I rather have than too much.

Tried the berry granola, although cannot really taste the berry so was a tad bit bland but enjoyable, but the banana flavouring sample I sprinkled on it made it lush!

Definitely hooked on the granola. Now to experiment with the Huel.

Sorry to hear about the confusion.

  • Original - Vanilla flavour as you know it from pre v2.3
  • New and Improved - v2.3 with funky awesome new vanilla flavour

You can return any unopened bags or bar boxes you have in return for an exchange/refund, providing your order was placed within the last 30 days.

Our returns/refund policy and instructions can be found here:

Sorry for the confusion.


The new Huel 2.3 is a lot less “thick” in my honest opinion. It’s not made me gag at all once and in some ways I am enjoying it, the new version of vanilla is pleasant and not over powering with the vanilla flavour unlike the previous times I had been trying Huel. I do agree with what people have said, the vanilla is more like toffee and it’s subtle so not over powering and works well with flavours.

I will be posting a separate post reviewing each flavour as I go along, at the moment it’s one shake a day :slight_smile: with a different flavour.

EDIT: Without even realising I’ve downed the whole meal in 15 minutes.