Ordered 4 boxes of RTD, sent 2

Is the support team busy? The chat only ever says nobody is available and I’ve not had a response from the support team by e-mail either.

I wanted to order some bars, but I feel like I can’t do another order until this is resolved. Has anyone had this issue before?

hello Topher you can try calling them on 01296 678516 between 9am to 5pm (Mon-Fri) GMT.

They have to send 4 boxes as two deliveries because it goes over the weight limit. Have you checked your DPD to see if there’s another parcel on the way?

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I have checked, there isn’t. The consignment shows 1 item as well, not 2. So it would have to be a different shipping ID, which I haven’t been given. Also it would be many days late now, so that seems pretty unlikely.

:confused: seems like a mistake then.
Keep trying live chat I managed to get through ok the other day. It seems like there’s a back log of emails atm so live chat is your best bet if you can get through eventually.
I wouldn’t worry too much they will sort it out for you.

Called them up and it looks like it was split because of weight like Christina said, but somehow the other half didn’t get sent to me. Waiting to hear back, but Huel customer services is on it!