Small order?

I did search for this question, didnt find anything concrete so im posting it. If anything is wrong, sorry!
I do want to try Huel but ive noticed that the minimum order is a lot (28 meals), and first i would like to know if it is for me. Dont know if its possible to order one bag? 14 meals.

Also, i live in Spain, canary islands. Do you ship here? there is no VAT here, instead we pay 7% IGIC. Is this possible?


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I came here to ask exactly the same question. What happened to the samples? I am not a very heavy user and have never been able to order the same product twice because the recipe is always changing. This time it seems there has been a major flavor change (with New vs Original). Taking 2 bags is quite a lot when it might actually be inedible for me (its not like it hasn’t happened before when they made it really salty).

Please bring back small sample packs.

I finally made my mind and order it! 28 meals… ive read so much about it that im quite positive about it so lets go for it! Even if its not for me or my taste i wont waste it, ill finish it :P. But i dont think this will happen. Just one more question, can i prepare the shake and take it to my workplace and have it like after 4 hours? Or it has to be mixed at the time of consumption?

Ill let know my first impression when it arrives!


I’ve got to say - I took the plunge and got hold of a bag of vanilla.

The actual flavour, for me, isn’t as sweet and vanilla-like as I’d hoped and I actually sealed the bag back up after trying it once and was ready to stick it on ebay. However, I persevered and bought the flavour sample pack.

I’m not going to lie and go all fan-boy…I still don’t think I really LIKE the flavour, the pea protein is too prominent for me. However with the flavour sachets it does take the edge off it and the potential benefits make up for the difference in taste.

All I’m saying is, don’t fall into my trap - this isn’t going to taste like vanilla milkshake, nor will it turn into a gourmet delight with a toffee flavour sachet. That said, even after a couple of days on the plan, I feel different already. Far less bloated, I’ve got more energy and more alert so clearly it’s doing its job!

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I ordered both vanilla flavours. The original and new one. Like that i can see wich i like the most, not really keen on unflavoured one :rofl:


I mix my “breakfast shake” in the morning, have about 30% on the spot and fill the rest into a flask to sip at work, which tides me over until 14:00, which is when I got for lunch. So, no, you don’t have to drink it immediately. I’ve read forum posts that say it actually tastes better when left in the fridge overnight.

Also, I’m envious of you living in the Canaries. I’ve just come back from Lanzarote and that’s just paradise. :slight_smile:

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Hi there!

I would be keeping in my car but for about 4 hours, i dont think it will be a problem, normally i have food like this everyday :frowning: thats why i think huel is a good alternative specially for my daily lunch. Thanks for the reply mate!

Im lucky i know to live in Canaries, but it has its negative things too like see, already more than a week and my huel seems to be in customs still :frowning: i want to try it and start with it! Damn :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yikes! Has it shown up? You’d think some bagged powder should be harmless enough!

No man, nothing yet. Im really getting desperate because ive been eating rubbish in work and i could have been having my Huel :frowning: i hope it arrives soon, already more than a week.

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They should do smaller orders for first timers but guess its how they make money…
Wasnt sure at first about taste as i think vanilla is a bit fake sweet tasting but ivd reduced it to two scoops of huel 500ml water a banana and 5 strawberries and blend it and leave overnight and boy is it nice! Not keen on the afters though as getting to know the loo too well which is probably why ill stop huel as i dont think its right the body reacts quickly in that way and i dont buy into the way of thinking that its the body getting used to huel

Maybe try the Unflavoured and Unsweetened before you stop it? I think some people said the digestion stuff might be down to the sweetener in the vanilla.

Fingers crossed here. :slight_smile:

Mine just arrived :smiley: tomorrow ill be having it for lunch and post my reviews! Im mind of excited lol :stuck_out_tongue:

what you think of it?

Well, lets see. I started last sunday, i had my first huel as a lunch. I made it with 400ml of water and 3 scoops of original vainilla and sat down to have it relaxed. The taste for me its quite good, its something you can have and enjoy, surprisingly its heavy! And it keeps you full for at least 3 hours. The first time i had it i felt bloated and a little unconfortable but after 4 hours approx i started to feel hungry again. Next day i had it as a breakfast, again i felt very full and bloated for the next 4 hours. I said to myself i will skip huel tomorrow, and i did (that was yesterday) and it is strange because at lunch time i fell very hungry this time and my body was asking for huel ? I was at my job thinking i wouldnt mind having a huel now… weird isnt it ? Is it addictive? Or is my body liking the nutrients it gets from it ? Oh! Also the time i felt full i could really feel like my body absorbing all the huel! Like nothing is waste. I need to try it for more time :stuck_out_tongue: