Unwanted Huel

Hi Guys,

I purchased the sample pack of Huel, before diving in fully. The sample wasn’t too bad and i thought i’d be able to stomach it, for my needs. I never planned to go 100% Huel, as i’m not trying to lose weight or anything, instead i was looking for a good protein source that i could take at lunch times mainly, and the odd morning as breakfast.

As i knew i wouldn’t be able to stomach the full 600ml without feeling bloated, I mix up 400ml. Now if i’m completely honest, Huel isn’t the greatest of tasting shakes (even though most of you guys seems to love the taste and can’t get enough). If i mix it with coconut water it is better than normal water, which is how i’ve been having it 90% of the time. Obvousley if i mix it in a blender with fruit etc it is a lot better.

Anyway, after being on it since April 2017, I just can’t stomach it anymore. Unfortunately i am out of the return for refund phase.

So basically, i have one unopened, unwanted bag of Gluten Free Vanilla flavour Huel, if any of you guys are interested in it? The best before date is 03/2018.



Hi Andrew, how much do you want for it and where abouts in the country are you?


Hi Richard,

I was thinking about £15 for the bag? I’m in Fareham, Hampshire but can post it if that helps?


Andrew :smirk:

I’ll be willing to give £12 for 1 pack if its the latest edition.

Hi. I’m in Fareham too. Happy to pay £15 for it.

Hi Tracy,

If you’re in Fareham, then happy for you to have it, as it saves me posting or taking it to London.

Are you around this weekend?


I’ll have it for £15 plus postage to the south east if this deal falls through please! I’d like to try Huel again without spending £45 on the big bag deal.

Hi. Great thanks. I’m around Saturday afternoon if you are. Just let me know when and where you’d like to meet up?

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Hi Tracy,

Email me at andrewashman9@hotmail.com and I’ll give you my number so we can arrange a convenient time and place.