2 full bags unwanted - any takers?


I bought 2 gluten free vanilla bags plus the pineapple and coconut flavouring for £57.50. I have used it for 4 shakes and it literally makes me want to vomit!! would anyone like these to buy ??

Hi Ferne,
I’d be interested in the Huel though not the flavours. How much would you want for the two bags, including postage?

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Hi Pheobe,

Where do you stay and I can work out P&P? x

I’d want to the bags to go to London.

According to royal mail it would be £12 for fast track, signed and tracked? less if you don’t want all of that. I can send including p&p for £45?


Thank you for checking and giving me the information but I’ve decided no.
Sorry to waste your time,

Vanilla mixed with pineapple and coconut does sound potentially vomit inducing, doubling up on the flavour and sweetness. Have you tried just the vanilla on it’s own?

Where are you based Ferne? Someone that lives local to you may want to collect to save on postage.

On the off-chance you live in Kent I’m interested in them!

Hey Jay,

ive tried vanilla on its own , ive tried coffee, ive tried more water and less too! to be honest when I mix the 2 that’s the only time I can stomach it lol!

ElectroDan - because I need rid of it I would do for less? what would you offer?

I’m not fussed about fast tracked and signed postage etc, so how much would that bring the p&p costs down? Thanks :slight_smile:

looks like between £5 and £8 according to website?

Okay great. Would you take £35?

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Yes no problem, is there a way for you to email me privately your address and I can give you my paypal account?

Hi Ferne, I sent you a private message yesterday. If you click your photo in the top right you should be able to access your messages.

Yeah the Vanilla is pretty disgusting. That’s a shame you got two whole bags, The unsweetened is great, I just add stuff to it, like half a banana or a few berries. Maybe you should try the unsweetened with vanilla pods instead? Huel is definitely worth it though, I have never felt better and I’ve lost weight :slight_smile:

Hi Ferne,

Really sorry to hear that you aren’t enjoying your Huel. Can I ask what specifically you don’t get along with? Taste, texture etc? I would love to give you a helping hand, as the flavour and texture of Huel are really easy to manipulate yourself.

As @Gemo has suggested you may prefer the unflavoured and change the flavour yourself so you can get the most of Huel’s many benefits :slight_smile:

Hi, its the texture and taste of it. mostly the texture makes me feel sick. I have really bad gag reflexes so its really difficult for me to drink it. I have gave it all away to Dan who commented above.