Hello huelers
I bought 4 bags of vanilla flavour thinking it would be the answer to all my prayers… complete days fuel etc etc but I really don’t get on with it at all.
I’m afraid I’ve opened 2 of them
Would anyone like to take the other 2 off my hands?

I’ll have it.

I’d buy them.

Where are you based?

Perhaps we could have a Cannonball style run to get to you.

You can get a refund if you send it back. Maybe even the opened ones, if I recall correctly.

What about it didn’t you get on with?

Julian should organise a treasure hunt event across the south of England. Whoever finds the most hidden bags of Huel gets given a golden shaker to put on their mantel piece. No phones, satnavs or speeding, though.


Wow sounds fun hehe
And I’m in Northampton.
The first one I had I made too loose, then I tried to make 2 meals worth in one in hopes to split at break times and didn’t really work.
The texture makes me gag too, so I sieved it and was alright but I just can be bothered with it.

I also have a whole bag of vanilla that I want to get rid of
many thanks


I’m selling it via ebay if anyone wants it.

£5.65 delivery charge?

Contrary to what many large companies can afford to offer, £5.65 is very reasonable for p&p of a 1.7kg parcel.

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Yeah unfortunately post is pretty expensive for that weight but I have put a best offer on the listing as well!

Yeah, I know that, but when I had some spare unflavoured Huel sample packs I didn’t want, I sent them to someone for the postage cost only.

The Huel website sells 2 bags for £45 with free delivery, which is £22.50 per bag, so who would buy 1 bag for £28.15?

Someone wanting to trial it in case they don’t like it, so doesn’t want to spend £45. Basically would have been ideal for the OP if you think about it.

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Trial pouch only costs £4.

Individual meals often aren’t enough to get a feel for a new meal replacement. You don’t know from that if you’re going to have digestive issues necessarily. A few days at least is ideal for that.

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Sorry to hear you didn’t get along with Huel and hope you can find something that suits your needs.

Best marketing stunt ever. No idea how to organise it though. Like Citydash but with Huel goodies.