How to try huel

Hello everyone,
my name is Matteo and I would like to try huel as a lunch replacement.
I took a tour on the site and saw that the minimum orderable quantity is two bags which it seems like an exaggerated amount for someone that has never tried it.
Net of the cost if it is not not what I’m looking for I can’t just throw it in the bin…
Is there any way to try huel with some sort of test packet with the contents of 2/3 meals?
I could not find anything on the website.
Thank you in advance.

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Buy the ready to drink from supermarket or petrol station?

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In italy i think you can buy it only from the website, i have never saw it in supermarkets

Ah I see, like all British people I assumed this was a question for us, my apologies.

I believe the smallest order (by volume) you can currently get is a single selection box of ready to drinks. These are probably the easiest in road for a new user too regarding taste, texture etc.

Your best option is to try and find a single bag on ebay.

Sample bags don’t work as it takes a while to perfect Huel to your preference and to adapt to it if you’ve never tried it before.


“Sample bags don’t work as it takes a while to perfect Huel to your preference and to adapt to it if you’ve never tried it before.”
Not able to understand this.

The minimum ordinable quantity is 2 Bag / 34 Meal of any flavor.
For a first time user that is a huge quantity because if you do not like it ( flavor or use ) you will throw away everything.
I just wanna know if it is possibile to order only 1 bag or 1/2 bag so i can try it and if it is good for me i will buy it again.
They do not need to change anything… is the same flavor only less minimum ordinable quantity.

I will try to search on ebay if there are anything, but i am not so confident on buying “random powder” from a reseller.

you do not have to throw away. unopened bags or bottles can be returned for refunds.

If you have an opened bag you don’t like there are other ways you can use than just a shake – add it to overnight oats, add some to smoothies, use it as a flour substitute in baking etc. Zero need to throw anything away and waste food uneccessarily.

Yes unopened… How can you try it without open the bag…

‘How to try Huel’? It’s a good question.

Bestseller Bundle if you’re not sure what exactly will be best for you, or you just want to try small quantities of several products.

or RTD Variety Box, as Phil says. If you want to try the various flavours before ordering bags of powder.

I really enjoyed starting out and ordering one bag of each flavour, looking forward to finishing one before trying the next flavour. They’re all really good, tho’ some are extra specially good. According to taste. :slight_smile:

The topic of samples has been discussed many times. If you had used the search function before posting your thread you would have read the reasons why a 100g sample pack doesn’t work.

Huel is not a one size fits all product. You can have different ratios of water to powder. You can have chilled water or room temperature water. You can make it fresh (which is gritty) or leave it to soak overnight which makes it smoother. There are infinite options for flavouring, such as cacao powder, fruit powders, you can blend fruit in yourself and make it more of a smoothie, or there’s the quick and easy 3rd party flavour drops. You could make it with milk instead, or cook with Huel to make solid food. Depending on somebodies body and previous diet, there may be an adjustment period to Huel.

There are so many combinations of things you can do that if people just tried a 100g sample pack as it comes and didn’t like it they would never come back, whereas a whole pouch which you can get with the bestseller bundle give the new customer the opportunity to try these combinations until they find what works for them and what doesn’t.


Ok OP, as you are talking to people the way you are, no, there is no possible way, buy it or don’t.

To be fair, I don’t think OP is a native English speaker so may need further assistance in understanding.

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Thanks, the answer that i was searching.
I will see if i can find a reseller or someone that would let me try/buy smaller quantity.

Yes i am not native english speaker i am using a translator

Hey there Matteo!

I completely understand your concern about buying 34 meals of a product that you might not enjoy at all. With this in mind, I would love to explain the reason and give you some reassurance.

We have a minimum order for a number of reasons; one of these is that we really want our new customers to judge Huel based on the long-term benefits as well as the short. The minimum order requirement gives you enough to last around a month (if you consume one Huel meal per day) and get you well on your way to experiencing some of these benefits!

This also gives you a good opportunity to experiment with different methods of preparation to find one that works for you!

If you decide to give Huel a try and find that it is not right for you, whatever the reason may be, email us at in Italian, and we’ll be more than happy to help :blush:

Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any further questions about the above!


Buy and Drink :sweat_smile:

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