No Tasters or Testers?

I was looking into trying Huel a while ago but I decided against it for whatever reason (probably financial) but I think I remember seeing an option for just one meal to try it out. I’ve done some googling and there are older forum questions about something similar to a Taster or Tester but when I follow the link that page no longer exists. I as don’t think I can justify spending £40 on something I might not enjoy or think is right for me so I’m just wondering if these are options that might be coming back in the future or not?

Think the taste samples were scrapped.

I think most people here would be more than happy to post you a meal (3 scoops-ish) so that you could try before buy.

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AFAIK the tester packs were scrapped because there wasn’t enough in the to provide a good sample.

Would they? Now that my financial situation is a bit better I would absolutely order a months supply but I would feel FAR more comfortable at least trying some before I do? How would I organise something like that, I would be INCREDIBLY grateful! :smiley:

Are you UK based?

Yeah I am!

I’d be willing to send you 3 scoops (one meal) for the cost of second class postage. Not a clue what vessel I’d use to send but I can have a think.

I guess the only thing then is whether or not you manage to make it to your taste, it’d suck for you to make it too thin for example then hate it.

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Alas, that’s the problem…a single serve sample really isn’t enough.

This is what we generally say about us not providing samples:

The beauty of our starter bundle is that it gives you more opportunity to try out and experiment with different flavours, consistencies and recipes to find your perfect Huel. A one shot sample can lead to problems - if someone mixes it with warm water, or adds it to a glass and mixes it with a fork for example.

There isn’t one perfect way to make Huel, everyone makes it slightly differently and we want to give you the chance to find out your favourite mix!

New user here - I wouldn’t have risked £40 without a sample either. Fortunately a friend gave me a couple of ‘meals’ so I could try - and here I am, a convert.

In my ideal world there’d be a trial pack of maybe 4-5 meals along with a couple of flavour sachets to experiment with. I’d easily have paid £10 to try it out.


We simply couldn’t sell 5 meals of Huel with flavours at £10. You would need a shaker too. We sold 3 100g samples plus a shaker for £5 but the problem was still the same. We working on trialling an initiative as a solution to this hurdle, but I don’t see samples being on the cards.


Thanks Tim - you’ve obviously gone though the business case for samples. It’s a shame it isn’t viable but you can’t do everything. Can I ask what initiative you’re trialling?

I’m not allowed to say, Kay. Sorry about that, but we will be trialling it in one country initially and rolling it out if it works.

In which case - good luck, and hopefully we’ll hear about its success in the fullness of time… :grinning:

Hi , unfortunately I’m really not in a position to spend £40 on something I’ve not had the opportunity to try. Would anyone be able to post me a sample of theirs? I can pay for postage + of course.

i risked it but luckily someone gave me a referral and i got £10 off. didnt regret the money however i think Huel should let you buy smaller bags to try it even if it was £10

I’d really like to try a tester I’m from the UK and was wondering if I could get a tester.

They don’t do tasters. This is because it takes a while for people to see what works for them. Portion size, ratio of huel to water, using other liquids such as milks, ways to flavour etc. Most people including me actually didn’t like their first huel so a single taster sachet would probably cause more harm than good.

Sadly though currently the only way in is to take a plunge on two bags.

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Or share a first order with a friend. A subscription, minus a £10 voucher - and I’ll gladly give you a referral code - would only be £30 - divide by two and it’s £15 each for your first bag.

Whereabouts in the UK are you?

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Delboy’s upped his game.

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