Huel Samples - Yes I know! but please hear me out

I can’t see anywhere about any samples being sold, if there is then sorry about this post :rofl:

I often see a lot of comments, posts etc. that people are put off by the fact there are no proper sampling methods. I’ve seen on yFood that they have a taster pack for their powders and bottles. See products here - yfood Tasterpacks

Surely Huel can do something similar?

I understand you want people to feel the longer term benefits, for the powders at least you could maybe offer a 14 shake sample pack so people have a 2 week window to test out flavours and start to feel some of the benefits of Huel. You could charge something like £30-£35 for these packs, roughly £2.14-£2.50 a shake, or less, up to you, even at that point it’s still cheaper than grabbing a meal deal! But this means users can then figure out which flavours are right for them, and lock into those and get that longer term savings with subscriptions etc. You could probably do something similar with the H&S and adjust the pricing as needed. This would help everyone save money and not waste any product, and I’m sure, bring in more customers.

The build your own bundles and singles options (including retail) have kind of rendered sample packs redundant. Sure, the RTD’s are smoother and a littler creamier than the powders, but the taste approximation is there.

Previous experiments with Huel samples doesn’t really support that. You kind of have to take your chances with it. If you went into a restaurant you had never been in before and have a kind of food you’d never tried before – you wouldn’t ask them to try a few mouthfuls before you commit to buying a full meal :slight_smile:

The simplest options with the powders is to try the neutral flavoured ones first - like Vanilla or Original. At least that way, if you don’t like the taste, you can modify it by adding flavours you like, or if you don’t like the texture – use it as a base in blended smoothies or even ice cream – I’ve done that before and it works really well, so there would be little to no reason to waste it if you don’t like it ‘as is’.

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