Anybody had an order just appear and ship itself? 81£ on 1st Feb for powder

Hi all,
Wondering if anyone else had this problem (as in am i mad or could Huel really have done it??)

I had an unexpected order shipped to the value of 81gbp on 1st of Feb

I am 100% sure i did not place it as the selection is just wrong for me, and too soon, and to the address where we were only on holiday anyway.

The order was never listed in Subscriptions Shipped but in Order History. Very much looking like a one-off.

Just shipped itself and sent me an email ‘Thank you for your order’.

There is no ‘You have an order upcoming’ email anywhere, not in Junk, anywhere. I triple checked, I promise.

Anything like that happened to you?

I am going to send it back and ask Huel for a refund of return postage - good luck to me ever getting it :frowning: (it shipped from UK to France. A bit of a cost to take on the chin to send 4 kg back to UK recorded. And our skiing in France is almost done, don’t need it, did not order it, argh!)

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I’d email first of all before sending it back. They should sort it.


Thank you, definitely emailing first! Soon as I get a quote for return shipment (bit awkward to do, us not being in France any more)

Have to say Huel community is great and very helpful!

Even though the site is buggy :slight_smile: Wake up Huel, great product, great customers, get the rest of it to match! :slight_smile: