Unfair Pricing for Sweden 📍

UPDATE: Huel investigated this and is working to change the pricing structure by the end of the year (hopefully!) - I am very happy with how this has been handled and I urge my follow countrymen to bear with Huel as they rework the system and remain customers. They earned it!


I’ve brought this up before, that the Swedish pricing is much higher than UK pricing, and the reply I got is that it’s due to buffert on conversation rates + tax. But I have again compared, this time Sweden VS the EU site, and the difference is big. If this is due to a conversion buffert, I ask you let us pay in Euros, because that would make Huel a lot cheaper for me. Some comparisions: I am converting SEK to Euro so you see the difference.

(All prices are with a -10% off subscription)


2 bags: - Here it looks similar. Interesting.
Sweden: 54,80 EURO

8 bags: (Are we in reality getting less savings, than other countries?)
EU: 184,50 EURO
Sweden: 201 EURO

16 bags: (Most obvious here)
EU: 315,90 EURO
Sweden: 396 EURO

Difference in cost per meal, at 2 and 16 bags in EU and Sweden:

2 bags: (EXACT SAME PRICE!!)
EU: €1,93 per meal
Sweden: €1.93 per meal

16 bags: (What happened here? EU saves over twice as much, why?)
EU: €1,41 per meal
Sweden: €1,75 per meal

I don’t know what this is in percent. But it looks to me like we’re getting a hell of a lot less savings per bag compared to other countries which feels very unfair. Why is that?

Everything below seems to be about 10% more for us… that is also not fair. (Even if much less difference compared to powder)

Flavor Boosts:

EU: 9 euro
Sweden: 10 euro


EU: €5,31
Sweden: €5,70


1 box

EU: 36 euro
Sweden: 34,80 euro

2 boxes

EU: 63 euro
Sweden:64,40 euro

3 boxes

EU: 89,1 euro
Sweden:94 euro

4 boxes

EU: 115,20 euro
Sweden: 123,7 euro

5 boxes

EU: 139,50 euro
Sweden: 150,7 euro

@Tim_Huel could you and the team investigate this?

Edit: I have now looked on all sites, including US, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Czesc Republic - and all of them are roughly the same as EU. This isnt right… please fix so we get the same rates of bulk discount.

The issue seems to be in how bulk discount is calculated between the sites, more specifically on Swedish site. For 2 bags, prices are almost identical, for 8 bags they are somewhat close, but after passing 10, the eu site grows discount at higher rates while se appears to remain linear. EU has about 50 euro saving for 8 bags/150 euro for 16 bags. SE has roughly 45 euro for 8 bags/95 for 16. See?

Let me be clear: if this is due to convertion you must allow us to pay in euros and add Sweden to eu-site. This is not sustainable. I love Huel but this is something I can not ignore. There is no justification I should have to pay 20%+ more than everyone else nor do I have the economy for it. Your biggest competitor (JJ) sells to us in euros and as such prices are much lower. I ask you to do the same. We are in EU, anyway. Please be reasonable…


Another Swedish customer here. I would also like to know why this is and please correct this. All your customers should have the same value for their Money I think.

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I live in Sweden too, and as a potential Huel customer, I refuse to buy Huel over this on general principle. It’s one thing if I couldn’t make my own DIY Soylent/Huel, I guess I’d have no choice then if I wanted to live on powder diets, but while Huel is a great product, it’s already expensive as it is, and adding a higher price tag on Swedish shipping for no good reason, well, you lost me there. DIY is a lot cheaper than this, so please at least make the price for Sweden equal to the shipping of other countries. I really believe in these meal replacement powder diets, and they’ll never become mainstream as long as you keep the price tag high.

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I agree.
I love Huel. I think that’s obvious (heavily involved in forums, created the discord, etc).

I have had nothing but great experience dealing with the staff and support alike.

But, for me this is a deal-breaker as well. Sweden is the only country/site that has higher costs/reduced rate of discount per bag + around 10% additional cost on other products. I would really hate having to leave Huel - but unless this is corrected I don’t see any other option. :frowning:

looks like UK is-

8 bags saving - 35.82 euro

16 bags saving - 76.76 euro

8 bags cost - 168.87 euro

16 bags cost - 332.62 euro

The obvious solution is for anyone from Sweden who’s interested in Huel, to strictly refuse buying Huel, as long as they’re going to discriminate Sweden and milk money out of us and us alone. I mean this is basically discrimination against Sweden. Play it fair with equal prices, or we won’t buy Huel. I mean it’s not exactly like we don’t have a choice. There’s plenty of meal replacement products in Sweden anyway, and while most of them are expensive crap, they’ve been around a lot longer than Huel and years before Soylent popularized this business model, and we won’t have to pay extra for shipping.

Now I want to support Huel and try it out, Huel is actually a good product, and I’m not trying to bash Huel here; over at the Soylent forum, I even praised Huel for being nutritionally superior when compared to Soylent, but Sweden always gets screwed over with these international products. The PlayStation is always most expensive in Sweden, and now Huel too. I’m getting sick and tired of every product made in some other country, when released in Sweden, there’s like a Sweden tax on it.


I believe the easiest solution to this is simply integrating Swedish customers into eu.huel.com instead- charging us in euros as the competitors do, that way the prices would be identical to those of other europeans now. Sure, there is a convertion fee from our banks putting 1-2% onto the customers (us), however with euro being fairly stable as a currency, while SEK is dropping by the day since I don’t even know how many years (and predicted to continue next year) the most logical thing to do here is switch us over.

Frankly, I don’t understand the reason for having various sites and currencies like Huel has now. They should have one site and one currency, every other competitor does that, meaning it’s the same for everyone.

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Looking into this. Bear with us.

Just raising that many points in this post were asked and covered here. The additional points you’ve raised we are just clarifying.

@Tim_Huel yes I am aware of the 12% VAT we have and of course, that factor is nothing I expect you to do anything about, but the rates at which discount increases per bag is not appearing to be working by the same formula + IIRC were only your 5th largest market, and i reckon not all of the other 4 are without VAT? Again though, I think, at least concerning the powder is because the discount in % is the same more or less with 8 or 16 bags, while it increases loads more on other sites past 10 bags (possibly earlier) i think thats what needs looking into anyway

I also wonder how 2 bags can cost the same though? By this logic surely it would be more costly for Sweden there too, and the difference increases exponentially the more bags you add (again Especially past 10) making it very confusing

Shipping may not increase linearly with weight / volume

Didn’t know that. Thanks, @Squizzle, for bringing this to our attention.

I agree, we need to see this is being fixed or to think about something else … And the latter is what I really really don’t want because the product is amazing :slight_smile:

Please, Huel, help us to retain being your customers.

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Denmarks Value Added Tax Rate = 25% (they have no subsidies for food products according to this source)

Swedens Value Added Tax Rate = 12% (for food products)

Now if this were accurate we would expect to see that the Danish site charges MORE for huel than the Swedish one since the taxes are higher there.

Danish Huel Site: 1377 DKK (8 bags on subscription)

Swedish Huel Site: 2079 SEK (8 bags on subscription)

2079 SEK = 1485 DKK which equals 110 DKK more that Swedes have to pay even though the taxes are lower there.

What’s going on?

Hey guys! I don’t mind getting more Huel for my money either, but I also think that calling this discrimination is a bit far out?


Nope, referencing some of the other posters Squiz who employ a slightly more dramatic tone. :wink:

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I’ve been pushing the Finance Director on this and it sounds like this was a good spot basically. We’ve been rolling out websites at a rapid rate, Sweden being the first, but when the following sites were released the pricing structure wasn’t audited. A project has now been started to look at the pricing across the websites, make sure they align and changing them. Hopefully it’s just a case of the cumulative discount not being applied in the same manner as the EU website.

I’ll continue to push this but essential we’ll get this changed. I can’t promise it will be exactly in line but it should pretty close at least. Sorry from us, thanks @Squizzle for your vigilence.



@Tim_Huel thank you very much! This is great news. You never disappointed so far and neither this time.

I’m happy I could help detect this, I hope you understand I did so with no ill intentions, I hope I didnt come across as unpleasant. :slight_smile:

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Do you sell in Norway? I’m moving back to Norway end July. I love Huel and would like to continue buying it there.

Congrats @Squizzle :grin::+1:t2:


Hi there! Unfortunately we don’t ship to Norway right now. We used to ship there, however our parcels would regularly be stopped at the border, and then returned to us with no explanation. I’m really sorry for the inconvenience. Hopefully we can expand to Norway again in the future.