Unfair Pricing for Sweden 📍


Any chance you can email me when you start shipping to Norway again?


I’m afraid we don’t have any immediate plans to renew shipping to Norway, but keep an eye on our sites/forum for any future updates.


How’s this coming along? 24 days since last update from @TimOfficialHuel :flushed:


Thanks for the bump Squizzle. I’ll check in with the finance team to see where they’re at with this.


Thanks a bunch Tim and please keep us posted buddy :slight_smile:


Update: Looking for a proposal by the end of the week internally and then if that’s cool then we’ll get to work on it next week.


That’s great news Tim. So happy you are looking at this, thanks so much all of you :heart:


Was a decision taken @TimOfficialHuel ?


I chatted with @MarioTarantino today who explained it all to me and the proposed plan. This plan is being raised tonight in our weekly trading meeting. Will holla when it’s been signed off. Keep in mind that any changes in pricing structure will result in huge changes for us in the back-end of the site – updating current subscriptions and possibly every website. So any agreed proposed changes will take time to implement. We’re on it!



Team, I bring news.

We’ve been taking a long hard look in the mirror and after @squizzle raised the point about Swedish pricing we thought it was right to investigate this matter thoroughly. There has been a lot of work going on behind the scenes, so I hope you’ll understand why it took some time to get back to you. We always want to be as fair as possible to all our Huelers from every country. Having the exact same price for everyone would be great but as you know often this is not possible due to country regulations, taxes, shipping costs, and other aspects that we, as a company, must be mindful of.

It is true that there are discrepancies between the pricelists in some countries, especially in the way the price increments are applied when more bags are added to an order.

So, as a result we have come up with a plan that benefits everyone, everywhere. It will involve giving everyone a fairer and more transparent pricing structure based directly on the feedback we’ve received here. It’ll particularly benefit those purchasing higher amounts of pouches – arguably some of our most loyal Huelers. I’m really pleased that this decision has been made and it’s not surprising it has. As I said before, it sounds like this was a good spot basically that we had missed; we want to hug y’all tight and making changes like this is an essential part of this!
Currently we can’t share the exact pricing structures, as they’re being worked on and signed off in detail but we will hopefully be able to implement the new pricing structure by end of year. We’ll work our hardest to get this implemented ASAP but it requires a heck of a lot of work from all areas of the eCommerce team.

Big love from the Huel team, thanks for your patience with this one.



@TimOfficialHuel thank you to everyone involved for being so open to feedback and looking at this for us. I’m very happy how you’ve handled this; you surely do spoil us with great customer relations and support alike. I for one can appreciate this takes time and I have no doubt you’ll have it sorted as fast as you can. I am happy to have spotted this also, bringing prices down will definately make Huel even more appealing for swedes as the gap between you and competitors lessens. That is great news indeed. Thanks!


Not super impressed if it takes six months to fix a pricing error. Maybe its time to take a long hard look at that eComerce team? :slight_smile:
A temporary fix for sweden should be possible !
Feels like double bad since I have to go to sweden to pick up from Norway, and now still pay the inflated prices you charge there :frowning:
I noticed the funky pricing myself this morning when preparing the order, then I checked the Danish site (Weird system, guess its the price you pay for hacking it with Shopify plugins!(I do too at my work so I can feel your pain)) and got a much better price, some items was strangely cheaper in Sweden(flavor boosters). For my order it was around 30% more expensive in Sweden even if VAT is less there. As stated at checkout.
Makes no sense to leave it like this for many months after you realise and admit the error here.
But great that you actually listen to customer feedback, then investigate and give feedback. Its a rare thing in eCommerce. Kudos!
And luckily for you, you have a great product to begin with :slight_smile:


@TimOfficialHuel any news to share on the matter? :slight_smile:


@TimOfficialHuel + @JamesCollier please keep us informed. This is such a headache for me lately when it be fixed?


Chasing the team for you mate :slight_smile:


You found them yet? :slight_smile:


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@TimOfficialHuel helloooooo


@JamesCollier @Julian

– Would you care to give an update on this?


Hey Squizzle, we’re working hard on this don’t worry. As I mentioned, it’s a helluva long process to change the pricing structure for every single region to a) be fair for everyone b) be commercially viable. However, we’ve come up with a good structure that will work. I’m waiting to find out how much info I can share with you all so I don’t get in trouble(!), and then confirm a completion date if possible.