Huel 47% more expensive in Europe than in UK!

I’ve just realised that in UK store prices are way lower than what I’m paying ordering my Huel to Sweden (same seems to be the case for other countries outside UK).

My calorie intake is 2 800 kcal/day (currently in 5 Huel meals a day [3 x HP + 2 x H&S]), which is over 4 000 SEK/month (ca. €380/£345) and makes a significant share of my monthly spendings.
And realising that the same amount costs £231 in UK felt really disappointing.

This can neither be explained by slightly higher taxes, currency volatility nor managing delivery/storage on the continent, so I feel simply cheated on.

Huel is just not being fair and seem to be taking advantage of external factors like higher grocery prices in Sweden to compete with.

Sure, companies do that but I still expected more from a brand that I simply liked for being sustainable, vegan and making my live easier.
I’ve been a loyal fan and it was one of a few brands that I genuinely liked and recommended to everyone.

And now I suddenly became determined to switch to alternatives – already ordered some and looking forward to testing it.
I may still be ordering some savoury Huel, but not for long I hope – counting on competitors to follow quickly.

What do you think?


just checked it, EU vs UK for Black is .4 GBP cheaper/portion in the UK

even if I add delivery the difference is significant.

There is this thread about prices in Sweden which may have more info, haven’t read it but thought it may be of interest


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Prices are higher in Europe and maybe even higher in Sweeden as @MadMattTheThird has pointed out. I think that some reasons might have been shared on those threads.

Might include:

  • Huel is in the UK -> Want to secure home crowd
  • Taxes, currency exchange etc.
  • Added cost for logistics, having the site in different languages, different team etc.
  • Foreign country export taxes, customs…

I though about it first but after all…I don’t really buy that tbh (except maybe the 1st one).

My Huel orders were earlier shipped from Germany but the previous ones were sent from Poland.

So I checked the prices in Poland and decided to order H&S to my Polish friends instead and ask them to then redirect the package to Sweden…

The difference is significant for H&S, so ordering 16 bags, I saved £100 (minus cost of posting the box from Poland that I’ll have to pay to my friends ca. £25).

Huel doesn’t have website in Swedish, nor do they provide any Swedish support, tax rate is similar, so they basically charge £100 for shipping from Poland…

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Hey Kamil, we’re not here trying to cheat our Swedish Hueligans or raise our prices to match the general cost of local produce. The fact of the matter is that it costs us much more to sell Huel to Sweden. Postage, taxes, advertising. We’ve spoken about this topic a lot, you’ve been linked to a number of threads and I can only apologise for making you feel taken advantage of.

We have Swedish support, granted not as much as English. Have you written to us in Swedish? If you write to us in English then you would be replied to in English. If you wrote to us in Swedish then you would be replied to in Swedish usually unless no one is available. Indeed, if you wrote on this forum in Swedish you would be replied to in Swedish by @Tobias_Huel!


Well, I think @Tim_Huel reiterated some of the issues I mentioned. I do think Sweden is one of the most expensive countries (due to tax/logistic reasons?), even when compared with European prices. I do agree, however, that sometimes the price feels unjustly expensive.

When I lived in Sweden this guy called MOMS kept on taking loads from my salary :joy:

And don’t even get me started on my attempts to purchase any decent level of alcohol percentage beer from a supermarket!

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