Huel DK Overpriced

I moved to Denmark from the UK recently and I am still ordering my Huel off the UK store and paying the shipping cost because it is still cheaper than DK prices.

Now in DK the food is taxed at 25% VAT, so even if I account for that (because I am happy to pay the tax):
DK Prices (before tax)
RTD: 447.75 Kr. (£53.52)
Powder: 458.34 Kr. (£54.77)
Bars: 416.67 Kr. (£49.77)

UK Prices
RTD: £37
Powder: £50
Bars: £43.34

With only a £7 delivery for a whole order from UK to DK, this is a huge difference and makes buying off the DK store never worth doing. If the before tax prices were at least the same or very close, I’d happily pay the DK taxed price off the DK store to do my part locally.

Can something be done about these prices?

What exactly is the problem then?

Given that they took action on this thread: Unfair Pricing for Sweden 📍

It’s not a problem for me, it’s a problem in general I am highlighting. Thanks for your feedback, though. It was very useful.

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Hey me too! :wave:

I have mentioned it in the past so don’t get your hopes up

After the price rise out of curiosity I checked how expensive it would be to order from the UK store and ship it to Estonia where I’m currently located. As the prices for mainland Europeans are a lot higher than for Brits. I don’t remember the amounts (£100+ definitely) but the shipping cost for me was exactly the price that I would save by ordering from the UK store.

The shipping cost was in double digits and the shipping cost was the price difference to the cent so I think it was intentionally made so high for the normal EU store so that Europeans would not be doing what you did after discovering the DK store and visibly higher prices.

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Sorry Karl, but nothing has changed. It is still absurdly cheap (half the price) to buy from the UK and send it to DK.

4 RTD Huel boxes (48 bottles) are £137 with shipping to Denmark. 4 RTD Huel boxes in Denmark are £250 (2059kr).

Even Sweden, which has the same tax as Denmark and there is a big thread on this very forum where Huel reps reviewed and updated the Swedish pricing, it is 40 DKK vs 50 DKK in Denmark. I’d order from there, Malmo is 20mins away from me, but they don’t deliver from Sweden Huel. Even though I order tons of things from Swedish companies all the time, they have some arbitrary delivery restriction. (Did you know Denmark and Sweden share the same postal service? PostNord. Yet Huel won’t deliver from SWE to DK).

Here is the thread on Swedish pricing that @Tim_Huel responded to Unfair Pricing for Sweden 📍

The problem is, after Brexit I won’t be able to get Huel from the UK anymore. And current Danish prices means a bottle of Huel is vastly more expensive than just buying a lunch from the local supermarket. For a 400 calorie Huel drink I could buy a McDonalds meal in Denmark! This cannot be how they want it priced here.

I firmly believe it just hasn’t been given much consideration, and Sweden was corrected because of that thread.

For a moment I thought Huel had released a version of Dungeon Keeper

if you buy below a certain threshold from outside the EU for your own use - you won’t be charged import duty - for Denmark that threshold appears to be DKK 1,150 excluding shipping.

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It’s a nice idea, but all imports outside of the EU incur VAT charges. So it would be UK VAT + DK VAT plus all couriers will charge extra processing fees to validate it is within the no-tariff value. They’re already sending warnings.

At the end of the day, Huel DK is still overpriced, and for some reason Huel won’t let me order from a single other EU Huel store, just the UK. I wish Huel would actually take a look at this, I don’t think a single RTD should be so much more expensive than a Big Mac! It’s not in the UK.

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The EU/Eurozone stores are also overpriced, it’s not a problem with just the DK site. For instance 1 bag of H&S is 25€ in the EU store. :smiley: I’d rather order some curry and get it delivered to my door and still pay less € per kcal than for H&S. Yes I know that H&S is healthy and developed by nutritionists but the massive price difference between the UK and EU store is illogical.

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