(Update: Reduced to £3) £7 Shipping to Northern Ireland

Hi all,

Just wanted to point out my disappointment with the introduction of a £7 shipping fee to Northern Ireland. My partner and I have been enjoying Huel for breakfast every day for a few months now. We always thought the product was reasonably priced, without being cheap, but a 16% ‘Northern Ireland’ tax has tipped it over the top. We understand that getting stuff across to us is always going to be more expensive than the UK mainland, but £7 more expensive is a little hard to swallow (it’s cheaper to ship to Poland than Belfast, really?).

I hope the shipping costs come down soon, as we’d really like to get back on the Huel bandwagon ASAP!


Hi Nick,

I’m sorry about the addition of the £7 fee. This fee has actually always supposed to have been there, we just previously haven’t had the ability to apply it, meaning we actually lost money on every order going to Northern Ireland! We do want to get this lower, but the prices are determined by the delivery companies. Once we get bigger, we should have more sway to get the prices down.

Maybe one day you will have regional Huel premises there?
Heck, maybe one day there will be Huel buildings all over the world, kind of like Tesco is now?

Have to agree with this one… on my first order it nearly put me off. It’s disappointing that we get hit so hard for delivery. Many other online companies deliver from GB to NI for free or much lower (tails.com - dog food)
I love my huel, but this does grate a little. Appreciate that you have overheads but perhaps some shopping around might be in order?

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I have just seen this 7 pound costs as I was ordering some extra Huel as I was running out in-between subscription dates plus a few extra flavours to try.

I stopped my order that I was placing as I didn’t remember that charge as recently as June.

Will be reviewing my subscription as a previous poster mentioned a 16% NI tax is hard to swallow. Totally wipes out any saving made by having a subscription.

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Gulliver, have you looked at Tuffnells for deliveries to Northern Ireland?

Different businesses, but in my last job we used them for NI for heavy (~20kg) boxes as they were significantly cheaper. Not sure what they’re like for the lighter boxes you send out but might be worth investigating if you haven’t already?

Nano (similar product) doesn’t charge shipping to Northern Ireland and they are Dutch based company.


Thanks, will have a look at Nano :slight_smile:

We’ve looked at other couriers, but the reason we use Interlink currently is because they’re so consistent. We can get the cost cheaper definitely, but if that increases the amount of orders that are mis delivered, go missing, take a long time etc we’re back to square one again basically!

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Yodel deliver our tails delivery. Appreciate the consistency of dpd. Maybe offer customers different optons - £7 as a choice, or cheaper options - similar to amazon?
This model might work for international deliveries as well.

I run a mail centre and primarily use Royal Mail, still the best by far and under the universal obligation contract must ship to all parts of UK plus Channel Islands at no extra charge. Also use DPD/interlink but service is shocking. Can’t understand why you would ship with them primarily. If you are based in West London I will do your fulfilment! :slight_smile:

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Looks like Joylent have a serious competitor.

My Experiences with Huel have been excellent for customer service but this for some reason has made me feel really let down.

Im sure your Northern Ireland Customers especially the ones with a subscription should have been treated with some respect and Huel shown decency by at least contacting us beforehand to explain the ‘new’ shipping costs.

Instead I had to find out when I was placing an order. Would I have been told before next month when my subscription is due?

Yes it is a shame I agree. We do contribute to the delivery charge and to be clear we make no profit from the delivery charge.

Do amazon offer free delivery to northern Ireland? As you can order Huel from amazon.co.uk

Just did a search on amazon - wasn’t able to find huel. Also would this not negate the subscription discount from ordering direct?
Seems strange that your solution is to send us to buy your product elsewhere.

We use a premium delivery service, amazon don’t and they have bigger buying power.

Previously we lost money on every order 28 days and under to northern Ireland, Scottish islands, Scottish Highlands, and other remote areas.

It is supposed to be listed for some reason but isn’t. Chasing it now!

Hi Keith.

Can you give me a price to ship 4.5kg to the channel islands please.

Thank you,



We charge £8.99 to our retail customers for Royal Mail tracked and signed 48 (takes 3-4) days to Channel Islands.

Obviously a part of Huels price incorporates the “Free” mainland shipping. I’m guessing this is close to £5 with DPD. I’d be more than happy to handle the highlands, islands and NI orders if they wanted to get in touch, to keep the customer charges down.


Keith@ postandpackinguk.com

Didn’t actually know I was chatting with the founder! Just made my first huel purchase, love the science and health benefits (nursing background myself, just taking a break with my mail business) and have no time to eat. I’ve no idea how many orders you get for these regions but without the volume you would not be able to avail of Royal Mail tracked. I could do it easily as a forwarding service or keep a small stock. Your shipping charges come down and your happy customers in the sticks keep buying. We are all happy and healthy. Get in touch if you are interested in chatting further. I’m on email all weekend.