DPD suspending deliveries to Northern Ireland

DPD have announced they are suspending shipments from GB to Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland from 23rd Dec due to Brexit uncertainty. I hope Huel can use an alternative carrier.

It’s a little odd that DPD are doing this but looking at their site it seems they are moving to limit the changes they need to make as much as possible without at the same time making much preparation.

They have also said that going forward - they will not carry goods that require checks at the Border. This is where things get kind of grey when it comes to Huel and it’s a similar situation where I live as they have similar restrictions to those in the EU regulations:

‘plant products shall be considered to mean: products of plant origin, unprocessed or having undergone simple preparation, in so far as these are not plants.’

Technically this means Huel does not need to be checked but that then depends on the customs officer processing it – where I am, they are not the brightest of stars and so routinely send it to the government office for clearance who deal with imports of unprocessed food stuffs.

It always gets cleared – usually without even being opened – but results in several days delays and extra fees even though it should never have been sent to them.

Hermes are doing the same. We’ll have to see how it all shakes out.

Don’t use DHL. They lose everything.

that’s there job

You would think so

Thanks for raising. I’m just chatting to the team to get the full picture, but we don’t believe this should affect Northern Ireland-based Hueligans’ order timelines, nor should the Ireland closing borders today. Overall we don’t think this update from DPD should affect you guys. Will respond when I have more info.