Deliveries to Republic of Ireland


I read a report that said as a consequence of Brexit DHL have stopped delivering to the UK and Ireland, though another report said their express air freight which goes direct to Ireland is still operating.

How will this impact your delivery to us Republican Hueligans?

its nothing to do with Brexit - they have temporarily suspended road deliveries because of the Europe wide close down on the new strain of Covid-19. It doesn’t affect their air express service it seems.

DHL said that a suspension of road services from the EU to the UK and from the UK to the EU had already been planned due to Brexit uncertainties, but was brought forward in light of the recent coronavirus developments.

I’m hoping @Tim_Huel might clarify whether huel is shipped to the Republic via air or road. The tracking details on previous orders doesn’t make that clear. My understanding is that only DHL express uses air freight for deliveries to Ireland, the rest is by road via the UK ‘land bridge’ which is where the Brexit uncertainty hits.

Thanks for the question, in short yes it has impacted deliveries to ROI. We’ve had to put orders on hold for 48 hours and won’t be able to shift them until the restriction is lifted. The good news is that we don’t expect orders to be delayed too much further, we’re hoping things with get moving today.

However, I’ve got to throw in all the caveats here. The situation is ever changing so please don’t hang onto my words. As soon as we are able to ship your order ROI Hueligans will get their shipping confirmation.

ROI orders are shipping by land not air. Although before anyone else calls me out, yes I am sure there is a boat involved at some point in the journey from the England :laughing:

Thanks for the reply @Tim_Huel

But DHL have said that this is something they were going to do anyway because of Brexit uncertainties so the easing of covid related border issues will at best be very temporary and come Jan 1st all your deliveries to ROI will be halted? Unless you use DHL express for air freight.

When will shipping to Ireland resume?

Edit: It seems they have but you need to order from the EU website, that’s not very clear when on mobile on the UK site and you can see countries all over the world listed, but not Ireland.