Coronavirus and shippings

Hi, from today on Italy is all flagged as red zone. Will your shipments be still working? Are you experiencing problems in Italy or in any other country?


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The situation is changing every day. Currently, whilst Italy is on quarantine, people are still working and deliveries are taking place. However, there are restrictions and slow downs, so whilst deliveries will still occur, there will likely be delays but we can’t say exactly where these will occur.

Sorry for being so vague. Some shipments are working, there are some delays though.


I’ll keep you updated if my pack arrives (I am from Florence, Italy).
@Tim_Huel is there any way I can change my shipment address of the order which shipped yesterday? From yesterdays’ new restrictions in Italy I am not allowed to go to my office where my pack is actually shipped. I’ve written to the support but still no answer.

Hello Amir - My shipments route through Guangzhou in China and were not affected or delayed by the nationwide shutdown in January and February – I have another delivery due tomorrow and so far the tracking looks normal.

If you need to change the delivery address – contacting the courier directly with your tracking number might be the quickest way. Depending on the courier, some let you do this on the tracking page of their websites and/or apps.

Thanks @Phil_C I’ll go with that!

Is this unrelated to Huel or do you prefer to give them the old runaround? :stuck_out_tongue:

No, my Huel shipments get quite the trip on their way to me - Birmingham >> Paris >> Guangzhou >> Bangkok >> Penang

Ah, here i was thinking you were located in the UK! I wont ask what you’re doing out there, don’t want to derail the topic completely :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Currently the UK is the closest to me - even if they had a fulfilment centre on the US west coast it would be roughly the same distance. That may change I guess if they open localised fulfilment warehouses with the potential Japanese expansion.

Edit: the package spent a little more than 4 hours in China before it was on its way again so no flu related delays there. the same cannot be said for Malaysian Customs where its sat on someones desk for the whole day.

@Amir and @airiartev (as I know you were interested)

You may have seen this evening that Italy has closed all shops other than food and pharmacies, with the focus now being put onto home delivery for peoples other needs. This focus is going to put pressure on the courier’s, especially for imports like Huel. So delivery times are going to be pressed harder, even more so with Austria and Switzerland tightening border controls to stop movement from Italy.
For the next day or two I doubt too much will change. But after the weekend, delays are likely to be more prominent than they’ve been until this point. Here’s hoping that the changes they’ve made help slow the spread.

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Trump is stopping all travel from much of Europe but not including UK and Ireland.

US is also closing schools which will save many lives; mainly due to less school shootings.


Thanks @Tim_Huel obviously we heard. We are living such a complex moment here in Italy… we are all locked up in houses and there are police all around to monitor our movements. Business are doing very hard except for web companies (like the one I’m in). Btw we are all united in the thought that it has to be this way, we have to stay at home, we understand it.

It’s just that until it doesn’t hit your country you don’t realise it…

Last but not least: my Huel pack arrived yesterday at home thanks to your amazing support! :muscle::grin:
If food runs out I’m covered :grin:
(just jokin)


How are the UK supplies of Huel doing? Do you guys have enough in stock to last a shut down?

Should the UK Hueligans be stock piling Huel in case we have a shut down here in the UK?

The shops around here have already run out of bog roll so food might be next!

Haha. But seriously, closing schools isn’t a good idea as many nurses etc have school age children so wouldn’t be able to go into work if the schools were shut.

It is a good idea. Many nurses have school age children and wouldn’t be able to go to work if their kids get infected and infect them. A lot of people will be working from home in the next few weeks. They can look after the nurses kids.

All schools should be closed immediately. Ireland are doing it today.


Closing schools is a fantastic idea - all sorts of stuff spreads super quickly in that kind of environment believe me.

Italy have got it right, full shutdown of everything none essential. We should do the same asap.


Food shortages are not the issue. It’s wise to make sure you have food in the house so you don’t have to nip to the corner shop every day, but supermarkets will keep operating and essential deliveries won’t ever be shut down.

The issue is the speed of the virus spread, the number of infected people who require intensive care in order to survive it, and the capacity of the healthcare system. Anything that limits unnecessary gatherings of people is a good idea.

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Thanks, I am from Spain. At the moment everything seems okay for the delivery. This could change next week :frowning:

Who would organize that?

What about the low levels of statutory sick pay in the UK, not to mention the people on zero hours contracts? If people can’t go into work because their kids aren’t in school, lots of people who be in big financial trouble.

The government has to do it. They also have to ensure people have money to buy supplies.

Big financial trouble is coming. We have to take care of each other.

We’re in a pandemic. Never mind financial trouble, lot’s of people will be dead if significant action isn’t taken very soon.