EU shipping delays

Hi from Greece,

I have been active lately in persuading some of my colleagues to give a try to Huel. As a concequence a colleague placed a large order on 16/2 (#17265) and as of now his order hasn’t even touched the Greek territory. I personally have experienced similar delays and we’re wondering if there are any guarantees in the (so-called “Express”) delivery window? 18 pounds is quite steep for delivery cost, are we going to be eligible for a refund at any point as we wait for the order to arrive?

Thanks and keep up the good work.

Hi Bogn,

I’ll look into your order now and find out what’s happening with it. International orders can be held up by a number of factors unfortunately, but I will get back to you with any information ASAP.

Still no news, either from you or the shipping company. My question for the refund elligibility remains unanswered also.