Order delays and keeping customers informed

The Huel website and the order confirmation email states if an order is placed before 8pm, including weekends, then the order is shipped the same day.

I placed my order yesterday evening (6pm) and had a shipping confirmation early this morning (Monday) so assumed everything was fine for delivery today. Tracking number wouldn’t work so spoke to customer services and was told “there’s a backlog” and “staff sickness” so it wouldn’t be delivered today.

Guys - fair enough if there’s sickness, but if there’s a backlog (which presumably didn’t start the moment I placed my order) then why isn’t this mentioned on the website anywhere or on the shipping emails? I appreciate it’s just one day but I’ve stayed in all day waiting for this delivery and have other things I’ve put off doing.

Just the little things like that. Literally just one sentence in an email or something would have been helpful.

Hey there! I am sorry to hear that your order has been affected by the delays we’re experiencing in our UK warehouse.

I’d like to echo the message from the Customer Experience team and confirm that our delays are caused by the staff sickness we experienced over the weekend. This is something we’ve been notified about this morning, which is why we have not communicated with customers over the weekend. The good thing is that we’re expecting to ship all the affected orders by the end of the day :grin:

We typically contact our customers about known order delays, however, this wasn’t the case here due to the quick turnaround :pray:

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