Current UK dispatch times?

I started a new subscription as a new customer a week ago. There’s no dispatch email. What is the current lead time?

Far less than a week! Unusually get a reminder email a couple days before.
Double check the date you set, if passed already email the team to get sorted.

This is literally my first order, the one with the T-shirt and shaker etc. Money has gone from my account. No dispatch email, no tracking number. Contacted support who gave a simple “there are some delays. Wait some more time”. They gave no idea on timescales and I think poor that money has been taken if goods not dispatched

Hey there, sorry to hear this. It sounds out of the ordinary and we’re looking into it. We’ll get it sorted!

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What did you find out?

Thanks for the nudge. It’s a weird one, basically your order was held due to the t-shirt selected was out of stock - but clearly that should never have been offered and if it was then it should have been flagged to us so we could reach out and fix it for you. So a strange one, but one that’s been raised to get fixed.

Specifically for you I believe the order has been fulfilled now and should be out for delivery tomorrow. If you have any other questions about your order specifically, please can you reach out to

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